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Research On AGV Navigation System Using Laser Gyroscope And Two-dimensional Code

Posted on:2019-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330572963709Subject:(degree of mechanical engineering)
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Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)which is also known as the transport robot,is an important part of contemporary intelligent logistics system.Under the background of the transformation from manufacturing in China to intelligent manufacturing in China,a enormous amount of automated production lines and sapiential logistics have been quickly used.Therefore,how to design a suitable AGV navigation system so as to realize intelligent logistics has become a hot research topic.This paper starts with the actual application scenario and takes intelligent logistics warehouse as the research background.Combined with the application characteristics of laser navigation and two-dimensional code navigation,an AGV hybrid navigation system is proposed.Aiming at the design and implementation of the navigation system,the analysis and research are carried out from several aspects such as navigation system framework,environment modeling,navigation implementation and navigation system platform construction.Firstly,the general framework of AGV navigation system with laser navigation and two-dimensional code navigation is designed in a hierarchical way according to the requirement analysis of the current navigation mode and the demand of the navigation system,and each level is introduced separately.On this basis,the structure of AGV is designed.Secondly,combined with the application characteristics of laser navigation,the laser gyroscope and its composition principle are introduced.In the actual logistics warehouse environment,the laser gyroscope is used to scan the unknown warehouse environment to get the obstacle information,and the discrete point obstacles are fitted by the least square method to build the warehouse map.As well,the environment of the warehouse system is modeled and the management of partition is designed.Then,the electronic map is designed in combination with topological map and raster map,and the two-dimensional code label is designed at the same time.The two-dimensional code sensor is used to scan the two-dimensional code label on the preset path so as to determine the running path and correct the position and pose of AGV at any time to realize navigation.Finally,the AGV navigation system platform is designed based on C++ and MATLAB.The communication of navigation system is realized by using Modbus serial communication protocol and WIFI protocol.The environment of the actual logistics warehouse is modeled,and the order tasks are issued in the navigation system platform.All the tasks in the test were successfully completed,and the results showed that the AGV navigation system is in good condition,which verifies the feasibility and effectiveness of the navigation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:AGV, logistics warehouse, navigation system, laser, two-dimensional code
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