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Design On Automation Reconstruction Project Of Ningcheng Distribution Network

Posted on:2019-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The last link of the power supply system is the distribution network,which is also a system that directly contacts the client,directly reflecting the quality of the power supply,but the existing distribution network system still has many problems,equipment aging,power supply security and reliability.Not high.With the advancement of science and technology and the high standard of living of the people,the backward equipment configuration can no longer meet the people's demand for high-quality power supply levels,improve the backward configuration,and improve the automation of the distribution network.Distribution network automation system refers to the use of advanced technology,communication technology and geolocation technology,responsible for monitoring,collecting,analyzing and maintaining operational status data and equipment installation data,to achieve a comprehensive high degree of automation supervision and control of the distribution network Technology system.In this paper,the theoretical basis of automation of distribution network,the structural framework and division level of distribution network are described in detail.At the same time,the requirements of distribution network automation and expected goals are clearly defined,and the status quo of distribution network in Ningcheng,Inner Mongolia is analyzed.As well as the operational status,data analysis is carried out from the network structure,equipment operation mode,equipment configuration and information system,and the existing problems of the distribution network in Ningcheng,Inner Mongolia,and the direction for improvement are proposed.On this basis,the design content of the automation transformation of Ningcheng distribution network in Inner Mongolia is proposed.The content of the scheme is mainly aimed at the information flow operation scheme of the main station system of the distribution network,the zoning control,and the corresponding hardware allocation requirements.In the communication information,networking methods and security protection structure schemes,the grid optimization scheme and terminal automation transformation scheme of the distribution network are clarified,and the Balixinqu pilot automation transformation scheme is taken as an example to introduce the successful regional automation transformation.expected result.In short,the design of the Inner Mongolia Ningcheng distribution network automation transformation plan is in line with the actual situation in the local area.For the county-level power supply enterprises,it can meet all the needs of its automation management,and also has certain development potential,for the future power supply enterprises.The transformation provides a reference and has the advantage of providing quality power supply services to the people.
Keywords/Search Tags:distribution network automation, feeder automation, distribution network terminal, distribution network communication system
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