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Research And Application Of Distribution Automation In Xintai Electric Power Supply Area

Posted on:2021-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2392330602982147Subject:Electrical engineering
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Power supply system and power facilities are the basic lifeline of people's livelihood in China.Distribution network is an important component of infrastructure and an important link of state grid construction projects.The construction of distribution network automation system can not only improve the management level of distribution network but also carry out flexible load management and power distribution for different loads.In the value-added service of power system market driven by user demand,distribution network automation can also achieve the purpose of power system scheduling optimization,stable operation,convenient maintenance,management optimization and other aspects,providing better quality power service for the healthy development of regional economy.This paper analyzes and plans the background,significance and feasibility of the application mode of distribution automation in Xintai power supply area.Through the study of domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the field of work,study in detail the principle of distribution automation system,target and related planning,and according to the existing xintai city a space truss structure and equipment overall situation carries on the analysis summary,from the perspective of academic analysis of the current situation of city xintai city structure,geographical position,power grid,power grid connection,and so on factors,the design is suitable for the economic and practical xintai power supply area of distribution automation construction plan,including construction and requirements of distribution automation master station,the power distribution terminal,selection and design of feeder automation implementation approach and so on,And according to the local actual power operation mode of distribution automation application mode research.Finally,the automation design scheme of distribution network in xintai power supply area was completed.At the same time,this study also focuses on the analysis of the distribution network automation of the core technology-feeder automation design,including the main station design principles,fault judgment and handling mode,and for the various types of possible fault solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution network automation, Distribution automation main station, Distribution automation terminal, feeder automation
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