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Study On Performance Of Steel Grid-Box Structure Horizontal Loading System And Application In Small High-Rise Building

Posted on:2018-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since Ma Kejian proposed a new system of steel grid box structure,theoretical research and engineering practice of this new structure system has been developed rapidly in recent years,our country to place a large number of steel grid box structure building,steel grid box structure building beamless,space layout free and beautiful,but also save the story,vertical system and level system for multi ribbed steel grid structure,internal force distribution,bending moment and shear value is greatly reduced,the structure stress performance,compared with the traditional steel structure more steel,seismic performance is better,the new system shows good prospect of the box structure and huge development space.In order to further study the performance of steel grid box structure system in the horizontal force system with column intersection node and Vierendeel floor,and study the application of steel grid box structure in small high-rise building.In this paper,4 steel grid box structures are designed to intersect the column with strong axis direction,and quasi static test is carried out.The test phenomena and failure modes under the action of load are studied,and the seismic performance of several specimens is evaluated by analyzing the load displacement curve,skeleton curve and energy dissipation capacity.The results show that only when the reasonable height of the empty stomach is chosen,can the steel grid box structure intersect the column with strong axial direction,and the joints have better seismic performance.Combined with the seismic performance test,and using the finite element method,intersect the strong axis of steel grid structure and the nodes on the pillar box rib members stress-strain properties were analysed,the results show that the node stress performance under the rib member for bending and bending moment,and play a leading role,accordingly put forward node under a new design method for practical rib.Using the finite element method,a hollow floor model of different positions of hollow floor rib members on the stress and strain distribution,the results show that the hollow floor on the most unfavorable position under the stress performance and rib joints on the rib stress performance is similar,should also be designed in accordance with the bending bending stress level,put forward system of hollow floor without considering new design ideas,function of the floor concrete hollow floor by contrast,new ideas of design,the bearing capacity and vertical stiffness are better than considering concrete hollow floor plate,and floor steel consumption is maintained.The application of finite element software comparative analysis on seismic performance of steel grid box shear wall structure and steel frame shear wall structure in elastic stage,and the steel grid box shear wall structure Pushover analysis,summarizes the structural deformation,stress and plastic hinge distribution and application of ABAQUS software will be fasting;according to the traditional slab bending stiffness of the spandrel beam generation modeling method and the actual situation of modeling,modeling and analysis of the difference between the two respectively.The steel grid structure has the characteristics of light weight and high strength,and the maximum inter story displacement angle meets the requirements of the specification.It is suitable for small high-rise structures.In the analysis and design of Vierendeel floor structure,the stiffness of the model established by the equivalent method of bending stiffness equivalent is too large,and the structure should be modeled and analyzed according to the actual situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Seismic performance of joints, new design method, horizontal force system and structural performance of small high-rise buildings
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