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Zhang Taiyan Re-evaluate Cao Cao

Posted on:2019-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2405330545982138Subject:Historical Theory and History
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Cao Cao was an important historical figure in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.He was an outstanding politician,military strategist,and litterateur.As we all known,after describing of literature and historical works,Cao Cao presented a negative image in Ming and Qing dynasties.With emergence of the national crisis in modern times and the introduction of Western social theories,Cao Cao's image became positive.Zhang Taiyan was a modern scholar who re-evaluated Cao Cao.Studying Cao Cao' s characteristics,re-evaluating motives and influences in Zhang Taiyan's writings,it was of great benefit to understand the changes of Cao Cao' s image,Zhang Taiyan' s ideological claims and the early Republican social reality.The thesis consists of three parts:introduction,text and conclusion.The introduction part briefly introduces Zhang Tai yan re-evaluate Cao Cao' s research trends.The text is divided into three chapters.Bying historical and literary works,The first chapter narrated the images of Cao Cao before Zhang Taiyan and concluded that ruler and the public different standpoint of Cao Cao.The second chapter described Cao Cao in Zhang Taiyan' s works in the early period of the Republic of China and the 1920s.Based on social reality in the early years of the Republican period and Zhang Taiyan' s personal experiences,personality characteristics,ideological claims,we explored Zhang Taiyan,s motivation of re-evaluating Cao Cao.From Zhang Taiyan' s re-evaluation of Cao Cao articles,we learned his dissatisfaction with Yuan Shikai and his reflection on the Revolution of 1911,and he also admired the Wei and Jin period literature.Taking this as an example,we saw that modern historical figures evaluation have broken the shackles of orthodoxy and are a manifestation of the legacy of history.The third chapter deals with the influence of Zhang Taiyan on Cao Cao.Because of his absolute recognition of Cao Cao,the impact is very limited.We can only see the similarities of his ideas in Lu Xun,Cao Yabo,and Mao Zedong' s articles.It can be seen that the hero-worship of Zhang Taiyan,Lu Xun.The epilogue section,taking Cao Cao' s evaluation as an example,we explored Cao Cao' s change of cultural symbols and knew how the differences between the era and the cognitive subjects affect the evaluation of historical figures.It is suggested that we should use the correct theories in understanding historical figures.In a short,Zhang Taiyan' s re-evaluation Cao Cao reassessment is limited,but his pioneering significance is an important node in the evolution of Cao Cao' s image in modern times and cannot be ignored.
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