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On E-C Translation Of Scientific Text From The Perspective Of Peter Newmark's Translation Theory

Posted on:2020-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays,the growth of GDP increasingly depends on the advancement of science and technology and the country guiding the direction of technological development in the world represents a major step forward in its economic growth.Progress is nurtured in communication among countries and it reflects technological translation plays a key role in international technology communication.Meanwhile,the translation of science and technology can also be found important in work,study and people's daily life.As a branch of pragmatic translation,scientific English has its common features.Besides,it's also characterized with volumes of terminology,long and complex sentences and passive sentences.Based on the scientific text,How to Make a Humanlike Robot is therefore chosen as the translation material which describes the development trend of AI robot and the way of making a humanlike robot.Concept and feature of a scientific text are analyzed and summarized during my translation on the basis of the text.Efforts are also made to explore characteristics of lexical translation,syntactic translation and textual translation under the guideline of Peter Newmark's translation theoryso as to provide advices and suggestions to translation learners and professional personals who work on scientific English-Chinese translation field.Finally,the translation report consists of five chapters: introduction,task description,peter newmark's translation theory,characters of scientific text and its translation from the perspective of Peter Newmark translation theory as well as summary.Specifically,the background and significance of my study are introduced in chapter 1 and my translation arrangement is described in chapter 2.Then Peter Newmark's Translation Theory is analyzed in chapter 3.And chapter 4 occupying an important place in the paper,it introduces characteristics of English and Chinese scientific text as well as lexical,syntactic and textual features of E-C translation under the guideline of Peter Newmark's Translation Theory.At last my translation experience and problems are illustrated in chapter 5.
Keywords/Search Tags:humanlike robot, Peter Newmark, semantic and communicative translation
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