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A Study Of Chinese Text Cohesion Errors In English Native Speaker And Korean Native Speakers At The Middle And Advanced Stages

Posted on:2019-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330566993980Subject:International Education in Chinese
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This article takes the text research as the breakthrough point,based on the collected 100 English and Korean native speakers' compositions,guided by the theory of discourse linguistics,using descriptive analysis,data statistics,comparative analysis and error analysis,qualitative and quantitative researches on errors are made.The sources of errors are analyzed,and the countermeasures and teaching suggestions are put forward.The introduction part introduces the present situation of text research at home and abroad,and points out the research value,research method and source of the corpus.The second chapter analyzes the types of errors in text cohesion,including ellipsis,anaphora,tense forms and logical connectives.The third chapter is a comparative study on errors and data statistics,the conclusion as follows: the tendency of Chinese text cohesion errors in English and Korean native speakers is generally the same and the distribution of all kinds of errors is uneven.The distribution characteristics of specific types of errors of tense forms and logical connective methods are same.The distribution characteristics of specific types of errors of ellipsis and anaphora are different.From the difference of bias,we can see the tendency of the null form of English and Korean speakers.According to the generality of errors,the rules are summed up,based on the characteristics of errors,the reasons for errors in native speakers of English and Korean are discussed,and the influence of mother tongue on causing errors is explored.The fourth chapter puts forward the countermeasures and teaching suggestions according to the causes of errors.Finally,the conclusion of this paper is a summary of the research,pointing out the shortcomings and the direction to be further studied.
Keywords/Search Tags:English native speakers, Korean native speakers, text, cohesive devices, error analysis
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