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Research On Shaanxi Fengxiang Woodcut New Year Painting Technology

Posted on:2020-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a historical ancient capital and cultural city in the northwest region,Shaanxi has rich cultural characteristics and rich regional customs.Under the influence of profound cultural background,Fengxiang Woodcut New Year's Eve has gradually formed its own unique artistic and artistic features and unique style of New Year painting.Its form of expression and craftsmanship,with a strong northwestern color,is a microcosm of the folk culture of the northwest.Approved by the State Council,Fengxiang wooden board painting was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage on May 20,2006,and has an important position in the field of folk arts and crafts in China.This article has undergone on-the-spot investigation,personal study,on-site observation,and the research process of field study in the south and north Xiaoli villages where the folk woodcut New Year pictures are gathered.In the course of fieldwork,I asked the folk artists of the folk woodblock paintings and folk artists to learn.I went to the folks to visit some workshops that printed woodcut New Year pictures,and went to the local area to actually investigate the people's understanding of Fengxiang's wooden paintings.Check relevant information and classics.Focusing on the process characteristics and process steps of Fengxiang board new year paintings,the paper analyzes the craft features and regional characteristics of Fengxiang board new year painting process.In June 2017,in July 2018 and January 2019,the site was visited several times in Nanxiaoli Village,Fengxiang County,and Fengxiang.Collect materials and consult the materials to understand the background of Fengxiang wooden board new year paintings and the craft features of Fengxiang wooden board paintings from various aspects such as geography,culture and history.Through the study of the field and materials of Fengxiang wooden board painting process,the process characteristics of Fengxiang wooden board paintings were found out.I tried to find the innovation of Fengxiang wooden board new year painting from the aspects of production steps,content theme,modeling features,material tools,etc.Through the understanding of Fengxiang wooden board painting,we know the advantages and disadvantages of the craft,and other The comparison of brother art and thinking about its own development process summarizes its advantages and disadvantages in the process.According to the research,Fengxiang wooden board painting has great development space in terms of craftsmanship and form,and there is great possibility in the future development road.While solving the current situation that Fengxiang board painting is now blocked,we must also think about how to preserve its nationality.During the visit,we found thatonly a small number of old craftsmen in Fengxiang County's cities and rural areas are proficient in the production techniques of wooden board paintings.Most of the young people know nothing about wooden board paintings.In the study,it was found that the craft features of the board new year paintings are not limited to the form,but also exist in the production process.Based on this feature,we can change the status quo of young people.Through the research of the thesis,I hope to discover the unique charm of the new year painting technique Fengxiang wooden board painting in the northwest region of China.Drive the public to understand the Fengxiang wooden board paintings,and more people will study and learn.At the same time,I also hope to help the development of Fengxiang wooden board painting.
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