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Fengxiang Woodcut New Year Pictures Artistic Characteristics And Aesthetic Implication Study

Posted on:2012-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country folk wood engraving new-year paintings is a kind of special art form, it is folk a manual, it takes the picture printed popular folk stories or people symbolizes good fortune theme for elements, expressed people yearning for a better life. Wood engraving new-year paintings from sui tang, then filled with a long history, and shapes, has gradually formed tianjin YangLiuQing, sichuan mianzhu, shaanxi fengxiang famous world of wood engraving new-year paintings such as. Among them the wood engraving new-year paintings in fengxiang northwest by the influence of other areas, very little in Shanxi Province, inherited the accumulation down murals and stone carvings, etc of the art art dignified and easy, and the influence of by local honest folkway, unique style, the widely from folk materials, with realistic approach to the real life of common people into creation. The paintings distinct characteristics, fengxiang decorates gimmick, theme and image are a unique. Composition full and don't stack, pattern and easy, style elegant. Line by line fluent, strong bones, and density have made. How rich ornamental characters dynamic. Fengxiang wood engraving new-year paintings is accompanied by the evolution of Chinese traditional paintings, other sisters art growth and development, in this article expounded in the development of Chinese traditional wood engraving new-year paintings and local folk and content, fengxiang development and form, fengxiang wood engraving new-year paintings unique craftsmanship characteristics, etc. Because of the influence of many factors that forms the fengxiang wood engraving new-year paintings artistic features. This essay mainly is to get through to fengxiang wood engraving new-year paintings and fengxiang native cultures analysis, combining traditional Chinese paintings art background, local culture, background and sisters artistic development status, and combined with the modern design, analysis of contemporary design fengxiang wood engraving new-year paintings, reveals the effects of the artistic style of inevitability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fengxiang wood engraving new-year paintings, Artistic features, colour, ornamental, Aesthetic connotations
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