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Research On APP Interface Design Of Fengxiang Wood Plate New Year Painting Based On Interface

Posted on:2020-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures for the first time at the turn of the century was listed in national nonmaterial cultural heritage of folk art,this not just with its unique artistic form,also reveal the importance of the national non-material cultural heritage protection.Fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures after hundreds of years of inheritance and development has unique individual characteristics,both in arts and crafts and cultural connotation has a special way of expression,or is currently research into ancient minority society full of woodcut New Year pictures of hand.Rapid advance in modern digital age,with the rapid development of science and technology culture,teaching methods of word of mouth now rely on hand,and cannot achieve the best effect.In order to meet the rapidly changing social situation and fully draw lessons from the current information age,in the form of the fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures this culture give digital carrier,can be more adapt to the current situation of cultural development to more efficient land spread among the masses.The use of the base of the development of mobile devices and large groups in fengxiang China mobile terminal protection and communication provides a new opportunity,in the direction of research are increasingly being in various fields the attention of scholars.This topic research object to choose shaanxi fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures,in the article in the early part of fengxiang development background and current situation of the China made a detailed research and summarize.Then continue to use the APP as cultural transmission carrier of thought,describes the design of the APP development process.Then according to thestandard process for the center with the user experience,through the way of questionnaire and interview to establish the goal of the APP user requirements,the APP to be defined by user demand information framework model and interaction model was constructed.Finally,based on a model based on fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures spread protection APP interface visual design-"fengxiang impression" APP,and detail the interface of the visual language section.After using focus groups APP interaction logic and feasibility is verified.To ensure the professionalism and availability of this topic research.This article through to the research topic APP interface design in detail,the building outline based on the user experience and based on the frame,the prototype figure,Gao Qingtu show,describe in detail in the design of each link,to great convenience for readers to understand this kind of APP conveys cultural connotation and unique charm.This article finally concluded fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures APP features nearly covers all the intangible cultural heritage of APP on the market function,is a kind of spread of fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures and protection way,the actual intension of this software is applied.
Keywords/Search Tags:intangible cultural heritage, Fengxiang wood engraving New Year pictures, APP
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