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Transmission Research Of Xihe County Begging Festival From The Perspective Of Ritual Observation

Posted on:2020-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X R LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330596487589Subject:Journalism and communication
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The Begging culture,which has a history of more than 2000 years,is one of the most representative traditional cultures in China.Its spread throughout the country has its own characteristics,and it has different manifestations in different regions.Among them,"The Begging Festival" in Xihe County of Gansu Province is known as the "living fossil" of Chinese The Begging custom because of its rich ritual content,deep mass foundation and lasting spread time.This paper from the view of ritual theory in the field of communication studies,festival ceremony as the breakthrough point,by reference to relevant literature,supplemented by the field survey method,taking the spread of "begging for cleverness festival" in Xihe County as the research object,this paper analyzes the songs and dances,symbols and fields of the "begging for begging festival",investigates all kinds of communication elements generated in ritual activities,and further understands and examines the influence of a ceremony on local people and society.After having a preliminary understanding of the historical background of this festival,the author first describes the general situation of song and dance performances in local festival ceremonies and studies the expressive function of singing and dancing as a means of communication.Secondly,the spread of emotion brought by festival activities presents the mixed state of individual emotion and collective emotion,which challenges the holy/common feeling dichotomy in religious studies.People break through various barriers in daily life through this light-hearted activity.Third,Xihe County,as the core of the generation and dissemination of begging rituals,constructed an anti-structured social space during the festival,formed a common circle of beliefs,and interacted individuals and groups to make women cross the "threshold".In addition,the paper starting from the present of symbol of symbolic and transmission symbol,the ceremony as a system,analysis of the symbolism of the section "the needlework" and its cultural expression and communication,metaphor study suggests: the west and the spread of the needlework culture ceremony in free and lively by interactive mode,created a regional cultural community.Finally,after further analyzing the communication components and current situationof this ancient folk custom,this paper reviews and reflects on the festival from the perspective of ritual view,and puts forward the problems encountered in the process of festival communication and superficial reflection.From the perspective of James Carrey's ritual view,this paper presents the communication of the ceremony of Xihe County begging for begging festival in terms of song and dance,emotion,field,symbol and other aspects,and then discusses the significance of the communication of folk culture.It is hoped that the experience in the begging activities can provide some enlightenment for the investigation of other traditional cultures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ritual view of communication, The needlework culture, Symbolic metaphor
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