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A Translation Report On Pharmaceutical And Chemical Text From The Perspective Of Adaptation Theory

Posted on:2019-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330572463687Subject:English translation
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Adaptation Theory believes that using language is an adaptation process while language adaptation and translation process is the process of continuous choice of language.Most of domestic scholars and researchers apply it to the field of translation of literature,advertisement and travel but seldom to translation of pharnaceutical and chemical text on the basis of Adaptation Theory.Due to the special content of pharmaceutical and chemical texts,the use of domain and textual functions,and language usage habits,pharmaceutical and chemical texts in Chinese and English have formed their own stylistic features in lexical,syntactic and discourse levels.As a branch of scientific and technological text,pharmaceutical and chemical text attaches importance to the accuracy and normalization of information transmission.Therefore,the translation of such texts requires translators to dynamically translate on the basis of loyalty and fluency,adapting to context,structure,and other factors.From the perspective of Functional Translation Theory,Equivalence Theory and so on,translation of the discourses are only analyzed in the aspects of vocabulary and syntax regardless of adaptation of context?linguistic structure and so on.First,generation of the meaning in discourses are researched on the basis of dynamics of adaptability.Then vocabulary and syntax in target language of translation of pharmaceutical and chemical discourses is simply studied under the framework of contextual correlates of adaptability and structural objects of adaptability.Finally,based on a six-month f6eld practice of translating Control of Drug Substance from Chinese to English,one part of DMF(Drug Master FiIe)materials,the author combines the analysis of the characteristics of pharmaceutical and chemical English at lexical,syntax and textual levels and the three major categories of adaption,that is,dynamics of adaptation,contextual correlates of adaptation and structural objects of adaptation so as to analyse the translation of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Adaption Theory, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Text, Dynamics of Adaptation, Contextual Correlates of Adaptation, Structural Objects of Adaptation
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