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A Practice Report On Translation Of Automobile Technical Text From The Perspective Of Adaptation Theory

Posted on:2018-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X YueFull Text:PDF
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As the international automobile brands increasingly enter into the Chinese market,the significance of automobile text translation has enhanced largely.However,there exist numerous problems on the automobile translation,including the inconsistent and unprofessional translation of terms and proper nouns,and the translationese existing in the lexical and syntactic translation.All of these problems need to be solved urgently,in order to ensure that the target readers could understand automobile information more clearly with better reading experience.This report is based on the translation practice of automobile channel in,from the perspective of the adaptation theory proposed by Verschueren.It explores the guidance of this theory to the automobile translation from the adaptation to the structural objects and the contextual correlates.In response to the various problems encountered in the translation of technical texts,the corresponding translation strategies are selected to adapt to the pronunciation and lexical meaning of source text or the culture and expression habits of target language.In this way,translators can solve the problems mentioned above and make better translation versions accordingly.Therefore,this report,which possesses some guiding significance on the translation practice,can provide reference for other translators to translate similar automobile texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:the adaptation theory, automobile technical text translation, the adaptation to the structural objects, the adaptation to the contextual correlates
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