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Research On The Application Of G Ame Teaching Method In English Teaching In Rural Primary Schools

Posted on:2019-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English teaching is an important branch of education.In recent years,from the national education department to the parents of students,English has gained new understanding and more attention.The Ministry of Education's Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting English Curriculum in Primary Schools,promulgated in 2001,clearly stipulates that the national nine-year compulsory education must offer English lessons from the third grade of primary schools.It can be seen that English has been paid more and more attention in teachers' teaching and students' daily communication.As we all know,rural primary schools are affected by the teaching environment,teaching equipment,teaching conditions and so on.English teaching has great problems,and students' English learning status and attitude are not ideal.Pupils' enthusiasm for English is not high and they cannot learn and participate actively.This is one of the most obvious phenomena in English teaching in primary schools.In English classroom teaching in the middle grade of primary school,skillfully combining teaching materials with games can not only improve the efficiency of teachers'classroom teaching,but also enable pupils to master English knowledge in laughter and laughter.The most important thing is to stimulate students' interest in learning English on their own initiative.Especially in rural primary schools,the game teaching method is an effective means to arouse students'English enthusiasm.In the English teaching of rural primary schools in China,although the effect and importance of the game teaching method are affirmed,it faces various problems in practical application.In the course of the research,the author summarized these problems in four aspects:First,teachers'teaching objectives are not clear;Second,the teaching preparation is not sufficient;Third,the organization of the game is chaotic.Fourth,the game evaluation is not synchronized.The author believes that there are three reasons why the game teaching method cannot be carried out smoothly in the middle and primary grades of rural primary schools:first,teachers' own professional knowledge of games and cognitive limitations;Second,the influence of the students' own characteristics in the middle and primary grades;Third,the objective conditions for students to participate in games are limited.In view of the above problems,the author puts forward the strategy of using game teaching method in English teaching in the middle grade of rural primary schools.First,teachers should design games based on teaching needs and improve their comprehensive ability of game application.Second,they should organize games based on teaching objectives.Finally,all parties should strive to create game conditions.Therefore,based on a large number of documents and materials,combined with actual questionnaires and interviews,this paper takes the third-grade students and English teachers of Mayang Shui Center Primary School in Xupu County of Huaihua City as the research object,aiming to clarify the problems existing in the current application of game teaching method in English teaching in rural primary schools and the reasons for these problems.Finally,based on these problems and reasons,it puts forward some suggestions on how to use game teaching method in English teaching in rural primary schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:game teaching method, rural primary schools, English teaching in middle grade
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