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Research On Nanzhao Buddhist Statues Of Weishan In Yunnan

Posted on:2020-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330578979312Subject:Fine Arts
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In the early 1990 s,a group of Buddhist statues were unearthed at a temple site on the Mount Longyutu from Weishan County in Yunnan Province.The site of the statue is not far from the site of Longyutu City.The dates of the two sites were determined by archaeologists to be the early period of Nanzhao Kingdom,it is also the early Tang Dynasty.The Buddhist statues unearthed from Weishan as the relics belong to the early period of Nanzhao Kingdom,and their excavations are of great significance to the study of Buddhism and its art in the early period of Nanzhao in Yunnan.Previously,due to the lack of relevant historical records and material materials,the study of Buddhism in the early period of Nanzhao remained stagnant.Actually,the excavation of Weishan Buddhist statues provides valuable material for the research in this field.However,in the past 30 years,Weishan Buddhist statues have not received much attention from scholars.This thesis focus on the WeiShan Buddhist statues and its related questions research,specific involves the introduced route,introduced time,condition of development about the early period of Nanzhao,also include the properties,art characteristics and style origin of WeiShan Buddhist statues.The text is divided into five parts:The first part mainly introduces the background.Firstly,introduces the early history of Nanzhao by citing relevant historical materials,and then discusses the establishment of Mengshezhao(Nanzhao)and the establishment of Longyutu City,and the residence of Xi Nuluo,whose the first king of Mengshezhao,and the historical attribution of Mount Long yutu.Secondly,discussed the Buddhism introduction and development in the early period of Nanzhao.Based on the analysis of the social belief in the early period of Nanzhao,analyzed the route and time of the Buddhismintroduction into Nanzhao by combining relevant literature records and archaeological findings.The second part description and discussion the Longyutu City ruins and the relics from temple site of Mount Longyutu first.Then preliminary analyzed the natures of the WeiShan Buddhist statues,which including the style of statues,statues of sealed and destruction.Meanwhile,focus on the close ties with Buddhist statues cellar of Han nationality in the process of discuss.In the third part,firstly,sorted out and divided the types and stages of the statues.Secondly,according to the types of the statues,summarized and elaborated the artistic characteristics of the Weishan Buddhist statues from the aspects of the whole and the specific works.Finally,extracted two personal thoughts according to the characteristics of the Weishan statues.The fourth part analyzes the artistic origin of Weishan Buddhist statues,mainly the relationship between Weishan and Sichuan Province Buddhist statues,including the relationship between the early period of Nanzhao and Sichuan,the Sichuan Buddhist art between the southern and northern Dynasties to the early Tang Dynasty,and comparative analysis different types Buddhist statues between Weishan and Sichuan.In the fifth part,summarizedthe significance of the Weishan Buddhist statues for the study of the early Nanzhao Buddhism,including the evidence and explanation for the discussion of the Buddhism introduction time,route and the development in the early Nanzhao.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yunnan Buddhism, WeiShan, Buddhist statues, Nanzhao
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