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Study Of The Aesthetic Culture Of Red Sculpture

Posted on:2019-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330590467643Subject:Chinese Language and Literature
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Chinese red sculpture is a special type of sculpture and originated from the war-ridden years.It shows the connotation of the red culture with the three-dimensional existence of sculpture art.It preserves the red memory with the three-dimensional material form of the sculpture art and conveys the meaning of red culture.As a cultural symbol in the history of nation and national development,the red sculpture represents a force that maintains social order and promotes social values,at the same time it contains the unique aesthetic tendency and way of thinking of the Chinese nation.The martyrs' cemetery belongs to the material culture of the red culture,a place where the red sculpture is very concentrated,so it has a clear commemorative and ceremonial space atmosphere.The interaction of the red sculpture,cemetery space and human can infuse red cultural spirit into people and stimulate various aesthetic feelings.In this paper,the red sculpture in Long Hua Martyrs' Cemetery was taken as a cultural text to review this materialistic cultural reading and interpret its rich cultural and aesthetic connotation from the perspective of architecture,aesthetics and anthropology.The text is divided into four chapters.Firstly,it summarizes the connotation and rheology of red culture and red sculpture,and interprets the relationship between them.In the second chapter,the relationship among Longhua Martyrs Cemetery space sequence,red sculpture and visitor is analyzed.The third chapter conducts a whole and case analysis on the aesthetics narration features of the red sculpture from the sculpture language.The fourth chapter mainly focuses on the aesthetic feeling of sublime and humanistic value inspired by the interaction between visitor and sculpture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Red Culture, Red Sculpture, Cemetery, Space, Aesthetic Culture
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