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The Research Between Forming Technology And Plastic Art In The Process Of Making Physical Model In Digital Sculpture

Posted on:2020-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330590496876Subject:Fine Arts
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The first chapter of this paper is the introduction part,from the digital technology development background,elaborated the digital art development,then introduced to the digital sculpture production and the development concretely,and proposed the digital sculpture new development trend-the materialization.This paper discusses the purpose,significance and method of studying the solid modeling of digital sculpture.This paper summarizes the research on the materialization of digital sculpture at home and abroad,and puts forward the innovative characteristics of this study.The second chapter is the theoretical part of this study.First,it discusses the relationship between technology and art,that is,the basic relationship between the modeling technique and the effect of plastic art.Two methods of materialization of digital sculpture,including method definition,principle,type,software used,concrete operation method,etc.The advantages and disadvantages of the two methods are compared by means of comparative analysis.This paper analyzes the artistic effect of sculpture from the aspects of modeling structure,mass feeling,texture effect,color effect and integrity.The third chapter of the article is the practice part.The modeling problems found in the practice of sculpture materialization are put forward in detail,and the solutions are found.Mainly in the modeling structure,stability,detail description,size,integrity and other aspects of the problems.The methods used include model segmentation,support point setting,precision setting and manual intervention.The fourth chapter introduces the concrete steps and processes of sculpture materialization with a concrete sculpture engineering case.In this process,how to fully consider the factors affecting modeling before making,and determine the appropriate method,proved the feasibility of applying digital technology to sculpture making.The last chapter is the prospect of the development of digital sculpture.Combined with the current development of digital sculpture,such as the development of tools,materials,the impact on the plastic arts.Based on the development law of other industries and personal summary,this paper predicts the application prospect of digital sculpture technology in sculpture industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:digital sculpture, physical model, plastic arts
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