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Research On The National Discourse Shaping Of Chinese Automobile Brand Logo Design Under The Trend Of Globalization

Posted on:2020-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 41 years of reform and opening up,although China's automobile industry has made rapid development,but due to the fact that China's automobile industry started relatively late compared with western countries,whether in the aspect of automobile body modeling or in the aspect of automobile signs,Its design level needs to be improved.Moreover,under the trend of globalization,automobile brands with unique western cultural characteristics have poured into the Chinese market,both in terms of automobile performance and in the cultural implication of automobile brand signs,have been concerned and loved by the automobile consumer groups in our country.Therefore,the designers of automobile signs in our country gradually blindly "approach" to the excellent automobile signs abroad,resulting in serious problems such as blind westernization of logo forms,rigid design elements and so on.The root of the problem lies in the lack of confidence in the traditional culture of our country,the automobile logo design in our country is not rooted in the fertile soil of the traditional culture,and the national discourse of the exclusive automobile brand logo design in our country is not shaped.This affects the establishment of automobile brand visual image system and restricts the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture in automobile logo design.Therefore,in the current era,shaping the national discourse of automobile brand logo design in China is an important issue to be solved urgently in academic circles.Only on the basis of the national culture of our country,the design elements and design concepts of automobile brand logo design in our country can be recognized by domestic consumers.Only by widely integrating the excellent design ideas of other countries can they be integrated into the trend of thought of internationalization and be recognized and accepted by consumers at home and abroad.In the automobile logo design of our country,it is not only the traditional cultural connotation of our country,but also in line with the characteristics of the times,which is the mission that automobile logo designers need to fight for.Only by shaping the successful design works with Chinese national discourse can the automobile brand logo of our country be unique on the international stage.This topic is divided into four parts,mainly to explore the national discourse shaping of Chinese automobile brand logo design under the trend of globalization.First of all,this paper analyzes the development status of Chinese automobile brand logo design under the trend of globalization,and thinks about the present situation.Secondly,through the analysis of the cultural differences between Chinese and Western design culture and the design style of automobile logo in the world,this paper probes into the cultural demands of automobile brand logo design in China,and puts forward its related shaping ideas.The third part studies the visual reconstruction of national discourse from three aspects: design style,graph and color of Chinese automobile brand logo,so as to explore the methods of shaping national discourse.The fourth part discusses the relationship between the national discourse of Chinese automobile brand logo design and the trend of internationalization under the cultural consciousness,and puts forward the idea of highlighting the national discourse of Chinese automobile brand logo design in the international trend of thought.
Keywords/Search Tags:Globalization trend of thought, Chinese Automobile Brand, logo Design, National discourse
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