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Research On Application Strategy Of Mixed Reality Technology In The Protection Of Architectural Heritage

Posted on:2021-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J YaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330611973194Subject:Digital Media Art Design and Theory
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Modern digital technology has changed the way of protection and interpretation of architectural cultural heritage.Architectural heritage protection workers and related experts in the field of architectural cultural heritage protection,not only in recording and dissemination,but also in architectural research and value reconstruction.MR is an emerging digital technology.Whether it is applicable and how to apply it to the field of architectural heritage protection is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive research direction.Due to the technical characteristics and interactive characteristics of MR,MR has unique performance characteristics at the time and space level of historical buildings,which is highly compatible with building protection,and provides a new research thinking and method system for the field of architectural heritage protection.Based on this,this topic takes the relevant content in the field of digital protection of architectural heritage as the research background.Through in-depth analysis of the characteristics of architectural heritage and the technical characteristics of MR,the MR technology is placed in the field of architectural protection for in-depth investigation,aiming to explore the architectural heritage-oriented The design strategy of the protected MR information system provides theoretical support and relevant practical reference for the application research of MR technology in the field of building protection.First of all,based on the research of digital cultural heritage protection,this paper proposes the feasibility and necessity of introducing MR technology in the field of architectural heritage protection.At the same time,by combing the relevant literature and application cases of digital technology in the field of cultural heritage protection,the current status and existing problems in the field of protection are analyzed one by one,and the MR technology is summarized in the protection work of building information collection,management,storage and development.Features and advantages;Secondly,from the perspective of MR technology,the core technical characteristics of MR and its interactive characteristics in line with the logic of human behavior are analyzed,and the three forms of MR space architecture,time narrative and information expression in architectural ruins are elaborated in detail.The expression characteristics of integrity and diversity in different hierarchical structures;Finally,according to the above characteristics and the needs of building protection,from the aspects of information content,interactive experience,three-dimensional vision and multi-dimensional space-time form,the MR information for the protection of architectural cultural heritage In-depth disclosure of system design strategies.Aiming at the research difficulties such as lack of three-dimensional information content and single information expression in the MR building space,the diverse digital information isclassified,and the MR building information model is constructed following the strategies of complexity,authenticity and multi-dimensionality as a system Content design strategies.At the same time,from the perspective of interactive experience,the accuracy of scene perception,the interactive guidance of auxiliary cognition,the interactive mode in line with human behavior logic,real-time interactive feedback,and the design principles of using digital tools instead of physical tools are provided to provide more In order to enrich the way of information expression and information interaction,so as to realize the integrated interactive experience design of architectural space.The visual design strategies of the MR system are constructed from the three aspects of the authenticity of the virtual and real fusion of the visual space,the rationality of the layout of the three-dimensional interface and the readability of the visual elements,in order to solve the lack of perception and recognition of the three-dimensional information in the architectural space.Knowledge and interaction are difficult to understand.Ancient architecture is a perfect combination of history and art,with rich historical social,cultural and artistic information.For the recording and display of this part of building information,it is necessary to combine MR's space-time overlapping features,and use reasonable narrative methods to interpret historical buildings from the spatial dimension and the temporal dimension.Finally,this MR system design strategy is practiced in the Baoguo Temple Hall to provide practical case studies of MR technology application strategies and methodologies in the protection of architectural heritage,thereby forming a complementary complementarity with the existing digital protection model effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mixed reality technology, architectural heritage protection, interactive features, information system design
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