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Application Of Virtual Reality Technology In The Protection Of Modern Historical Buildings In Wuhan

Posted on:2022-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306494976549Subject:Environmental Art and Design
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With the rapid development of urban and rural construction in China,my country entered a rapid period of urbanization development at the end of the 20 th century.In order to adapt to the development of urbanization and promote urbanization reform,major cities have successively introduced measures such as old city reconstruction and urban country's urbanization has been vigorously constructed,with many tall buildings,and a large number of traditional villages and blocks have been demolished one after another.Although urban construction is inevitable for urban development,this long-standing "constructive destruction" development model has gradually destroyed many of the original buildings with distinctive characteristics.Coupled with the changes of the times,changes in the natural environment,transitional tourism,air pollution and other factors,many of the remaining buildings are already in a very dangerous situation.The remaining buildings mainly refer to the buildings left over from the process of urbanization development and rural planning,and their coverage is wider than historical buildings and genetic buildings.Historical buildings or genetic buildings have high social and cultural values and are protected by law.In the later development and use,protection is the main focus.The value of the remaining buildings has not yet reached the point of protection through the law.Development and use mainly focus on transformation and utilization,but as a special cultural building,the remaining buildings are inseparable from people's lives.They have witnessed the development of a community and a city,and are the existence of time and space memories and human emotions.Although my country's urbanization is advancing rapidly,the protection of the remaining buildings is obviously lagging behind,and many irreparable losses have been caused.Virtual reality technology(Virtual Reality)is a higher level of multimedia technology development.Through the establishment of a three-dimensional virtual interactive system,the destroyed buildings can be reconstructed,restored to the original appearance of the building,and preserved vividly.Data materials provide new methods and means for the protection and development of buildings.This research relies on virtual reality technology to protect and reconstruct the remains of the Wu huang shan Museum in Pubei,Guangxi,and use the literature research method,case research method,cross-study method and computer display method to study the subject.Through the use of virtual reality technology to construct the Wu huang shan Museum in a virtual way,make the best use of the exhibition space,so that the museum has the advantages and characteristics of the Wu huang shan National Geological Park in Pubei,Guangxi,and achieves scientific,intellectual,popular,interesting and interesting.The interactive and organic combination provides protection and transformation methods for the remaining urban buildings,and promotes the process of digital protection of buildings.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual reality technology, architectural remains, architectural protection, historic buildings
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