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An Evaluation Study On The Self-edited Teaching Material Little London English From The Perspective Of National English Curriculum Standards(2011)

Posted on:2021-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Textbooks have a very important position in English teaching.Choosing the right textbook is an important guarantee for teachers to complete teaching content and achieve teaching goals.The new National English Curriculum Standard(NECS in the whole thesis)issued by the Ministry of Education in 2011 clearly states that "the rational development and active use of curriculum resources is an important guarantee for the effective implementation of English curriculum." At the same time,under the guidance of the policy of "One standard with many textbooks",various versions of English textbooks have emerged in textbook market.Little London English School is the largest English training school in Hohhot with more than 10,000 students.With the expansion of the school's scale,the school's teaching department has developed series of textbooks named Little London English(LLE in the whole thesis)independently based on teaching needs.Founded on the NECS,this paper takes this set of textbooks as the evaluation object with the methods of literature research,questionnaire and interview.First of all,it analyzes thecompiling method,characteristics,the selection and arrangement of the teaching content.Besides,combining with the NECS,it conducts an internal evaluation on LLE in terms of the application of language comprehensive ability that is language knowledge,language skills,emotional strategies,learning strategies and cultural awareness.In addition,this paper carries on the external evaluation on the use of LLE through the questionnaires and interviews among teachers and students.The aim is to study three questions:1)Does LLE meet the requirements of the NECS(Level 2)?2)Does LLE meet the needs of teachers and students?3)What are the strengths and existing problems of LLE?Through this research,the author finds that the LLE textbooks meet the requirements of the NECS over the five dimensions,embody the basic idea of the NECS,and also attach importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability in language usage.Furthermore,judged from the actual use of LLE,it can also meet the teaching and learning needs of most teachers and students to a great extent.The strengths of the textbooks are as follows: First,the textbook embodies the principles of ideology and science and follows the law of students' physical and mental development;Secondly,the design of the textbooks is exquisite and the illustrations are rich in color.Finally,the teaching content of the textbooks is closely related to students' life and learning practice.It notonly pays attention to the teaching of language skills and knowledge,but also the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability of using language.However,at the same time,the author also finds that there are some problems in the textbooks,such as: The presentation of vocabulary does not show different requirements;the new teaching content is presented mainly in the form of dialogue;and the textbooks contain audio materials,but there's no corresponding video animation.Therefore,the LLE textbooks still need to be enhanced in these aspects.
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