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A Report On EST Translation From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2021-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous expansion and deepening of international communication,the exchanges in medical field are also increasing.As an important carrier of medical research communication and dissemination at home and abroad,there is an increasing demand for translation of medical science texts.However,due to the late start of the research on the translation of medical texts,there is little research on the translation of popular medical science texts,especially on the related translation strategies and methods.Therefore,it is crucial for the translator to study the translation of popular medical science texts.The original text of this translation practice report is selected from WebMD,a popular health care service website in the United States.The popular medical science text on this website aims to promote and popularize medical knowledge to the public in popular,vivid,and understandable language.Therefore,the texts have characteristics of scientific texts and literary texts.Guided by Eugene Nida's "functional equivalence" theory,the author analyses the cases encountered in the translation from lexical,syntactic and textual levels on the basis of Chinese and English medical texts features.Based on the research on the unique expression methods and translation strategies of terms and sentences in medical science texts,the translator adopts the methods of conversion,omission and addition to make the translation conform to the expression habits of Chinese readers so as to achieve functional equivalence.The author explores the translation strategies of popular science texts from the perspective of functional equivalence theory,so as to provide a reference for English-Chinese translation of medical popular science texts.This report consists of five parts,including the description of the translation task,the description of the translation process,the overview of the translation theory,the case analysis and conclusion of the translation task.On the basis of the translation report and the study of translation theories,the author found that the functional equivalence theory is widely applied to popular medical science texts translation.In vocabulary translation,it is necessary to fully consider contextual factors to achieve lexical equivalence during literal translation.The nominalized structures,passive voice,and long and difficult sentences should be converted into verb-object structures,active voice and simple sentences respectively so as to be in accordance with the characteristics of Chinese and to achieve syntactic equivalence.And it is also necessary to maintain the logicality and coherence of the target text by retaining or replacing the conjunctions so as to achieve the textual equivalence.Through the combination of theory and practice,the author hopes that this translation practice report will help the translators understand the Chinese translation of this professional field,which is conducive to the exchange and learning of medical knowledge and treatment results in the world,and also provides reference and research materials for the translation of popular medical science text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Functional Equivalence Theory, popular medical science text, E-C translation
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