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A Report On E-C Translation Of Popular Science Text

Posted on:2019-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The scientific and cultural quality of the public has been improved for the sake of the rapid development of science and technology.The spread of scientific knowledge is becoming more and more important.Popular science text is written to disseminate scientific knowledge.Its content should not only be accurate and reliable,but also easy to understand by the public.Therefore,it is important for translators to transmit popular science texts with accuracy so as to offer domestic readers related knowledge properly.The source text of this report is the excerpt of The Gene: An Intimate History,which is a popular science text that depicts gene history which consists of tough exploration of gene for nearly 300 years,prediction of gene and impacts of clinical outcomes.In order to make Chinese readers further understand the gene,heredity and themselves,a high-quality translated version is essential.Based upon Nida's Functional Equivalence Theory,the report analyses and summarizes the translation of the excerpt of The Gene: An Intimate History.It is difficult to accomplish the equivalent translation due to the multiple clauses and modifiers in the complex sentences of the original text.During the process of translation,the author exerts all efforts to abide by the rule that meaning is superior to form.What's more,the translator also expands the scope of the translatability and focuses on the significance and the spirit of the original text.The author mainly explores the translation strategies which can be applied to dealing with complex sentences in popular science text.To increase the readability of the version,in-sequence translation,counter-sequence translation,division,repetition and combination are applied in translation.Furthermore,the author summarizes the experience in the course of the translation and hopes to enlighten future translators.
Keywords/Search Tags:popular science text, Functional Equivalence Theory, complex sentences, translation strategies
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