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On The Realization Of Farmers' Collective Land Ownership

Posted on:2018-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330512481017Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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With the further development of society,people awareness of rights of general improvement,people become more and more accustomed to from the Angle of the right to observe and think about legal and social issues,the rights of status and thus become more and more high.People also want to have more and more rights at the same time,the purpose of the natural rights is not having much,but to promote its implementation.Because only the people in the hands of static into dynamic rights,the rights should include the specification of interests into reality,is the people really enjoy the rights of such rights.Otherwise the right can only be a piece of white paper on the text,the people do not play any role.As one kind of rights of collective land ownership,its implementation is also more and more get the attention of the society,and the realization of collective land ownership is the members of the collective economic organizations enjoy the ownership of the static into the ownership of a dynamic process,and is also the contains of the collective land ownership interests into reality in the process of specification the realization of the interests of the collective members,and the process of converting the interests of the norms of the collective land ownership into the real interests.There are many ways to implement this process.I choose one of the agricultural land is the “three power split” with its perspective as a specific exposition.In order to study the realization of collective land ownership,this article besides the introduction and conclusion,is divided into five chapters:The second chapter is an overview of the realization of the collective land ownership of the peasants,the main combing rights,the realization of rights,the realization of collective land ownership and its significance,and the institutional change of collective land ownership.For the following talk about the realization of collective land ownership to lay a certain theoretical basis.The third chapter mainly explores the realization of the collective land ownership under the “three-power split”,and combs the basis of the land circulation mode,mainly through the concrete case analysis of the two mainstream ways,namely the creditor's rights model and the stock mode And the existence of the problem.The fourth chapter is the logical starting point of analyzing the collective land ownership under the “three-power split”,mainly through combing the definition and owner-ship of the collective land ownership.The fifth chapter mainly analyzes the right structure of the contract right and the right to operate under the ownership of the collective land under the “three separate forces”.The author analyzes the nature of contract right and management right and the allocation of power respectively.The sixth chapter is the construction of the concrete system of collective land ownership under the "three-power split".The author first analyzes the principles of system construction,insists on the ownership of collective land,strictly protects the right of contracting,Right,and then built other specific system,in order to protect the realization of collective land ownership.
Keywords/Search Tags:Collective land ownership, Land contracting rights, Land management rights
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