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The Current Situation,Problems And Countermeasures Of The Transfer Of Rural Land Contractual Management Right

Posted on:2018-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land is a key element in "three rural issues",related to China's economic and social development and stability,has always been a priority among priorities of Party and national attention.The importance of land issues,combined with the party and the country put forward to promote the reform of rural land system,further improve the rural land contracting policy in rural land contract relations stable and remain unchanged for a long time under the premise,liberalize land management rights,the decision to deploy,to research the problem of contracted land circulation has become a hot spot,no matter the economic perspective,the perspective of the political,legal angle attracted great attention.The author is engaged in civil trial work for four years,have a certain experience in judicial practice,in the judicial work found a lot of problems in the rural land contract management rights transfer dispute case,these problems in the application of the law and conflict of laws,rules and policies of convergence.To study the related issues in the view of the trial practice,and can be used for the empirical analysis of judicial practice,defects can better reflect the legal system in the practical application,and puts forward suggestions on how to perfect related system.Do a lot of research of many scholars in the rural land management rights transfer,this paper choose from the angle of judicial practice,the case analysis of A city rural land contracting right of the status quo and the court,in the judicial practice difficult and complex problems as the main research object.In theory,through the research to put forward suggestions to perfect the legal system;in practice,can do the analysis of dispute prediction and trial strategy,to provide legal guidance for the government to provide the experience to judge,and provide reference for perfecting the legislation to regulate the land circulation order,safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers,maintaining rural stability,has the extremely important the significance of promoting the development of agriculture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural land, Contracting right, Management right, Circulation system
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