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Research On Incentive Mechanism Of Grass-roots Civil Servants

Posted on:2019-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545453445Subject:Public administration
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The grass-roots government is the foundation of the state administration system.It plays the role of uploading and connecting to the beginning.Its service is directly oriented to the grass-roots people.The work performance of the grass-roots civil servants is the concrete interpretation of the construction of the service-oriented government,which is directly related to the implementation of the national policy and the image of the grass-roots government in the hearts of the masses.With the rapid development of society and economy,the social life level also presents a continuous upward trend.The nineteen major reports point out that the main contradiction at the present stage of our country is the contradiction between the growing needs of the people for expecting the great lives and the uneven and the unbalanced development.The grass-roots masses put forward higher requirements for the public management and service of the grass-roots government,and the construction and perfection of the service-oriented government is imminent.The grass-roots government should actively develop the strategic development of its public service resources,strengthen the quality construction of the civil service,stimulate the vitality of the civil servants,make the civil servants fully exploit their potential,and provide more quality and efficient service to the masses.Among them,improving the scientific incentive mechanism for civil servants is a crucial factor.The research on this issue is a long and new topic.Starting with the related theory of incentive,this article summarizes the advanced research achievements on incentive theory at home and abroad,expounds the current situation and incentive principles of the incentive mechanism of grass-roots civil servants.And select the XX County of Shanxi Province as the research object of this paper,and use the method of empirical research to carry out in-depth research,combine the methods of questionnaire,interview and statistical analysis to analyze the incentive mechanism of the work of civil servants in this county.A comprehensive exploration of the relevant aspects on incentives is carried out,the existing problems are found,the attribution analysis is carried out,and the Optimization Countermeasures for building the incentive mechanism of scientific civil servants are explored from many aspects.The main research angles include salary,training,promotion and so on.This article is composed of five parts.The first part puts forward the research questions,briefly introduces the background and significance of the research on the incentive mechanism of grass-roots civil servants.On the basis of the comprehensive exposition of the relevant research results at home and abroad,the research ideas and contents of this paper are determined,the research tools and methods are selected,and the innovations and shortcomings of this paper are concluded.The second part expounds the connotation of the relevant concepts,so as to comprehensively explain the development of the incentive mechanism of the grass-roots civil servants at this stage.The third part takes the civil servants in XX County of Shanxi Province as an example to carry out an empirical study,design the questionnaire and interview questionnaire,and distribute it in the XX county government of Shanxi province.The existing problems in the incentive mechanism of civil servants in XX County are found out,summarized and concluded through summarizing and combing the data.The fourth part is to analyze the main problems and analyze the causes of the problems through multiple levels,including methods,theories and systems and so on.The fifth part makes the suggestions and advices to improve the incentive mechanism of the grass-roots government on the basis of existing problems and analysis of reasons.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots Government, Grass-roots Civil Servants, Human Resource Managemen, Incentive Mechanism
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