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Grass-Roots Civil Servants Incentive Mechanism Research In China

Posted on:2016-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461983111Subject:Public administration
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According to the latest figures, currently has more than 7.2 million of the civil servants in our country, nearly 60% of them are distributed in the following organ at the county level to work, they pay is low, large workload, assignments, and direct contact with the masses, we call this group of civil servants at the grass-roots level. Grass-roots civil servants as civil servants in our country in a special, huge group, for the public to provide public products and services for the society of the task, also on behalf of the state government to perform the duties of the management, they work in the performance of a direct impact on the public image in the eyes of the government. But in real life, the grass-roots civil servants tend to show the work efficiency is low, the working state of the negative, muddle along, cause the loss of the crowd on its service satisfaction, and affected the efficiency of the government. Is one of the reasons, incentive mechanism has many problems and not solved for a long time lead to, as a result, from various aspects to perfect the incentive mechanism, and effective use of incentive mechanism to mobilize the work enthusiasm of grass-roots civil servants is particularly important.As a part of human resource management, one of the role of incentive mechanism is very important. Incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level, the equivalent of bole is to the swift horse, if properly used, its potential will be fully excavated, creativity will be fully activated, and will also produce high quality team of civil servants at the grass-roots level, and for the government, the administrative efficiency is improved, for the general public, really enjoy the service of the country.This paper points four parts, respectively to the incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level, the present situation, the concept of case, discussing the countermeasures. The first part is the foundation, define the concept of incentive mechanism, using the mechanism to how important the role of civil servant’s team, as well as the classical incentive theory how to play a practical utility; The second part is the premise, the analysis of present circumstances in China, the basic implementation of incentive mechanism of civil servants from the mechanism of implementation content, implementation, results, there are some problems in the process of implementation, to analysis the root cause of these issues; The third part is the instance, using the questionnaire survey, communication and consulting a large number of literature research methods of Dongsheng district of Ordos city the grass-roots civil servants incentive mechanism investigation and research, using the results of investigation, summarizes the regional problems of incentive mechanism; The fourth part is the solution, combining our country and the area the current incentive mechanism, the principles, methods, system innovation and the four directions to improve the incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil servants at the grass-roots level, incentive mechanism, incentive system, Dongsheng district of Ordos city
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