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Game And Understanding:A Study Of The Red And White Council In The Context Of Changing Customs

Posted on:2019-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper mainly studies the rural areas of Shandong province Dong'e County Council of red and white,red and white board the function to show the changes in the traditional funeral customs,through field investigation and experience,the refinement and the public policy of the child is father of the man,the country's reform will combine in-depth exploration of bottlenecks and difficulties in the reform of the new era of rural society,ordinary mining people's folk psychology.People of traditional folk ceremony has inherited thousands of years,is incapable of action in the face of the national customs policy,but also in their own way to resist.There is a certain deviation between the government reform policy and the local concept of the people,which leads to the difficulties in the implementation of the policy.Red and white as a symbol and tool of the National Council of social governance,undertake the task of rural governance,and play a coordinating role between the national will and the wishes of the people,in the whole process of refinement in the invisible push forward development.On the whole,the white Council in rural areas for the country's customs policy and decision to play a role in promoting rural governance.In front of the coercive power of the state,almost all of the people are the support of national policy,with the national urbanization process to change the traditional concept of local people,even if the individual in question is in the coordination of refinement,the white Council skillfully resolve contradictions,therefore,social governance in rural areas,the establishment of the the red and white Council play a great role,has become the new national rule symbols and tools.
Keywords/Search Tags:Change existing habits and customs, Red and white Council, Local mechanism, Rural Governance
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