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Research On Relevant Rules Of Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Facilitation

Posted on:2019-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The combination of Internet and trade is the trend of trade development in modern times.Based on the development of Internet technology,there was a huge catch up from behind,economic potential,the development of world trade become the new driving force.The cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation determines the success or failure of cross-border electricity supplier future development.Along with the worldwide trade facilitation tide,how to promote the facilitation of cross-border electricity supplier trade has become an important topic for all countries to face.This is bound to require the establishment of a corresponding international rule system.However,the international rules are still in a small amount and scattered state.This also brings about the cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation of international rules further thinking.The full text is divided into four parts:First,the cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation basic issues explained.Mainly includes three parts: first,according to the international treaty text analysis"specific meaning and business mode of cross-border electricity supplier,and compared with the traditional trade form;secondly,expound the connotation of trade facilitation,introduces its development process;thirdly,analyze the relationship between cross-border electronic commerce and trade facilitation.Two is the current cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation,international trade rules combing and reflection.This section lists the existing legal rules in the field,and takes the trade facilitation agreement as a representative,and gives a brief analysis of the contents.Then put forward the core point of this article,the current rules of cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation system has not been constructed.On this basis,we reflect on the existing problems exposed by the scattered rules,and analyze the necessity and feasibility of improving the relevant rules and building a rule system.Three,make reasonable suggestions on the problems found and the construction of the rule system.Separately from the legislative body,legislative content,legislative forms of analysis,involving customs supervision,health and quarantine,export tax rebates and other specific aspects.Four is the combination of the aforementioned content,to explore the construction of trade facilitation rules of Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone cross-border electricity supplier.This part of the cross-border electricity supplier as a pilot in Henan Zhengzhou analysis,introduced the current Zhengzhou cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation status quo.At the same time,taking Hangzhou as the research object,starting from the Hangzhou cross-border electricity trade facilitation rules,summarizes the characteristics and advantages of Hangzhou mode,making Zhengzhou cross-border electricity trade facilitation rules provide a reference.The innovation of this paper lies in,first,closely linked with the national trade hotspot,has strong practical directivity;secondly,combining the new rules of cross-border electricity supplier trade facilitation,the existing rules carried out.The deficiency lies in the limitation of the search of data,so that the search for the relevant information outside the country cannot be taken into account comprehensively.The construction of cross-border electricity trade facilitation rules system of non a short duration of time things,it is necessary to integrate the existing scattered rules,and actively promote the various countries and organizations to follow up and implement the issue,will rise to the level of the rules system,provide a convenient environment for the development of cross-border electricity supplier,to achieve new breakthroughs in the world economy and trade.China should also shoulder this responsibility and master the right to speak in the formulation of rules so as to provide a good environment for the development of domestic cross-border electricity suppliers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-border electricity suppliers, Trade facilitation, International rules, Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone
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