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Research On The Employment And Resettlement Of Land-off Peasants In The New-urbanization

Posted on:2019-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545966026Subject:Administrative Management
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New-Type Urbanization is the China's development background and the direction of country.It is known as the “people” of urbanization.In other words,It will protect land rights of peasants,and let peasants share the achievement of New-Type urbanization.But a large number of off-land peasants have emerged recently,because urban construction land-use can be acquired from farm-land conversion.The agricultural land is of great significance and value to farmers,for example the livelihood security,the directly economic,the effect of inheritance and offering them work,etc.In other words,lands are crucial for survival and development of farmers.At different stages of urbanization,the problems about China's off-land peasants are changing constantly.Their subsistence isn't a problem during new-type urbanization period.Employment,for instance the low salary and the unstable works,is core factor for restricting sustainable livelihoods of off-land peasants.Employment placement of the off-land farmers acquire close attention from all walks of life.The theory and practice of employment placement for off-land farmers need to be improved based on the actual investigation and theoretical research.The research idea is: raise the problem,analyze the problem,solve the problem.The research object is the off-land peasants in xiangyuan country.Their unemployment is more serious.There are many problem related to job placement.Therefore,the research object is representative.Research method is the key of thesis writing.This paper takes the employment status of off-land peasants and their satisfaction with the establishment and implementation of employment resettlement the research object,based on questionnaire survey,in-depth interview is the supplement.As the social environment becomes more and more complex,it becomes impossible for the government to solve social problems unilaterally.The nend for multi-party management,especially the establishment of partnerships between local governments and quasi-governments and private sectors,is the key to successful collaboration.This is one of the innovation points of this article.This paper will take new-type urbanization as the research background,will research the employment situation and constraints of landless peasants in case city and analyze the performance of local government responsibility status in the employment of off-land peasants,look for effective path of arranging the land-losing peasants,based on the theory of collaborative public management.The article proposes the countermeasures of strengthening local government responsibility,developing cooperative group,improving writing cohesion and improving collaborative technology.The countermeasures are reasonable,effective and feasible.
Keywords/Search Tags:Off-land Peasants, New-Type Urbanization, Local Government, Collaborative Public Management(CPM)
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