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Research Of Right Protection Of Land Expropriated Peasants Amid The Urbanization In Comparative Developed Area

Posted on:2005-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155957760Subject:Public Management
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Taking the background of the developed area in East China, the article researches Right Protecting of the land-losing Peasants in the Process of urbanization in comparative Developed Area of the Yueqing City in Zhejiang Province. Through normal and positive study on some typical cases of farmland requisition, it illustrates the logic relationship among the farmland property right system, farmland requisition system and the harm of land-losing peasants. It also analyzes profoundly from four aspects of law, government, village collection and personal peasant.Legal defection is set forth as the main reason which causes the infringing land-losing peasants' right in the process in these developed area, while local government who is eager for quick success and instant benefit is imputed to as the direct cause. Both bring harm to peasants , increase difficulty in the profit disposing of land requisition, and results in more suburban social contradictions with their malicious effects such as enlargements of the area of farmland requisition, decrease of the compensation for land requisition. To solve the said problems, the article summarizes successful experiments in the market mechanism developed countries and areas, raises such suggestions as perfecting farmland property right system , promoting the standard of land compensation, disposing land requisition profits rationally, promoting social security system and more peasants finding jobs .
Keywords/Search Tags:Urbanization, Land Expropriation, Land-losing Peasants, Right & Interests Protection
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