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A Study On The Public Service Supply System Of Rural Left-Behind Old People Under The New Situation

Posted on:2020-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578970817Subject:Public Administration
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Global population development is facing the common test of population ageing.With the gradual deepening of urbanization in our country,the rural surplus labor force has been transferred to employment in large numbers,and it has been restricted by various factors such as the long-term dual economic and social structure and the lag of rural economic development,resulting in a special group of elderly people left behind in rural areas.As a traditional farming country,China is a big agricultural country,and the number of elderly people in rural areas is even larger under the circumstances of increasing aging,due to the fact that China's rural old-age security system is not yet perfect.This has caused the elderly people left behind in rural areas to gradually become obstacles to the good development of the entire rural society,which has a major impact on the promotion of social stability and sustainable economic development in China.The public service for the aged described in this article refers to the service provided by the whole society and the state for the elderly,including public service undertakings that combine institutional arrangements with non-institutional arrangements.In recent years,the government has paid more and more attention to the elderly in rural areas,and launched a series of public service policies for the elderly in rural areas to ease the problems of the elderly in rural areas,but there are also problems such as offside supply and loss of position.The market and social participation in the rural elderly pension initiative is not high,lack of sufficient development momentum,so that the entire rural elderly elderly elderly pension public services show insufficient status quo,which requires the integration of the government,the market,society and individuals and other comprehensive resources to participate.We will establish and improve a public service system for the elderly in rural areas that is dominated by the government,based on living at home,supported by social support,and supplemented by institutional support,so as to build a service system that can meet the needs of the elderly who stay behind.In view of this,this paper analyzes the status of elderly people left behind in the S village of Zhejiang Province and the supply of public services for the elderly on the basis of a thorough review of rural public services,supply and demand theory,supply system and other related concepts.Taking field research,questionnaire survey and case interviews as the main research methods,we found the problem of elderly people's retirement and analyzed its deep causes.It proposes to implement and optimize the old-age security policy,increase the content of old-age care and mental comfort services,diversify and improve the service system of different types of old-age care institutions,speed up the construction of rural personnel for old-age care services,and standardize the construction of infrastructure for old-age care services.Countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service supply for the elderly, Ageing society, Old people left behind in rural areas, Supply and demand
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