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Research On The Ideological Building Of College Students In The New Media Era

Posted on:2019-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330551455992Subject:Marxism in China
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In the report of the Party's Nineteenth Congress,General Secretary Xi Jinping made it clear that “ideological party building is the party's basic construction”,“youth is a country with prosperity,and young people are strong with the country”.As the advanced elements of the students,the college student party members' ideological status not only affects the advanced and pure nature of the party in colleges and universities,but also directly affects the performance of ordinary college students.As the main position for cultivating socialist builders and successors,colleges and universities must strengthen the work of ideological party building for college students,strengthen their ideals and beliefs,and make them become newcomers to the era of national rejuvenation.At present,with the rapid development of Internet technology,new media represented by WeChat,Weibo,etc.have gradually exerted a great influence on people's thinking and behavior.On the one hand,the new media has provided new historical conditions for the development of university students' ideological party building.On the other hand,it has also made it face many difficulties.Therefore,in order to make university students' ideological party building more responsive to the development requirements of the new media era and to improve its effectiveness,we must increase our research on this issue.This article comprehensively uses questionnaires,literature research methods,observation methods and other analytical methods.It uses the era of new media as a research perspective,based on Marxist theory of party building,and on the basis of fully investigating and researching the issue of university students' ideological party building.It provides some new ideas for the construction of a college student's ideological party in the era of new media.This article first defines and sorts out the concepts and theoretical origins of the idea of party building in colleges in the era of new media.Second,using Marxist materialist dialectics to analyze the impact of the new media on the construction of university students' ideas.Thirdly,through adetailed analysis of the data obtained from the questionnaire survey,it is found that the current college students' ideological party building has the problems of low application of new media platforms,lack of attractive content,relatively low actual effect,and insufficient resources integration,and in-depth analysis of the emergence of problems.the reason.Finally,based on the problems and causes of the ideological party building of college students,considering the dual effects of the new media on the ideological party building of college students,this paper puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions for the ideological party building in the era of new media.First,improve ideological understanding.It includes both improving the ideological understanding of school party committees and strengthening organization leadership.It also includes changing the working philosophy of party workers and stimulating student party members' awareness of using new media to learn.Second,improve the construction of new media platforms.While establishing a new media platform with the "two-micro-end" as the core,it also constructs a complete content system and manifestations of innovative content.Third,the use of new media to carry out college students' ideological party building.Among them,we must pay attention to the coordinated advancement of online and offline,promote the stratification and classification,and highlight the priorities of the grassroots.Fourth,strengthen team building.Including the formation of professional teams,improve the comprehensive quality of party workers and strengthen the media literacy education for college students.Fifth,establish a sound system.Including manpower and material security system,appraisal system and supervision and management system.
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