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Application Of National Sovereignty In Cyberspace

Posted on:2019-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330566469052Subject:International Law
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With the development of science and technology,the cyberspace has gradually become an indispensable social place for people.It affects our life-style and economic model,and at the same time it also has a huge impact on the real society.As an emerging field of global governance and international rule making,National President Xi Jinping said,“ Increase participation in the formulation of rules in emerging areas such as the Internet,polar regions,deep oceans,and outer space” It is very important for Chinese to “ accelerate the promotion of China's right to make international discourse and rules for cyberspace ”.National sovereignty applies to cyberspace which is the emerging areas is the premise.Therefore,based on sovereign equality,all countries mutual respect each other,Exercising jurisdiction at home and participate in the formulation of international rules and handle international affairs equally.As an emerging cyberspace field,Combining national sovereignty and cyberspace will help us analyze and grasp what is cyberspace and what is the nature of cyberspace.Simultaneously,making due contributions to the systematic and comprehensive research of cyberspace.Determination of national sovereignty applies to cyberspace,At the same time,with a perspective of research specialization,we should make due contributions to the systematic and comprehensive study of cyberspace.In addition,clarifying the application of national sovereignty in cyberspace can be used to better implement the functions of the state in defending key cyber infrastructure and cyberspace entities,meanwhile to safeguard national cybersecurity.Since then,scholars both at home and abroad have affirmed that the sovereignty of the country is applicable to the cyberspace from the natural extension of the concept of national sovereignty and its importance.This article attempts to sum up thelaw applicable to national sovereignty in cyberspace from the perspective of international legal sources.At the same time,proceeding from practice,the main problems existing in the specific application are summarized and analyzed,and attempts are made to summarize and propose feasible measures to deal with the above problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cyberspace, National sovereignty, Cyberspace governance
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