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Research On The Construction Of Rural Grassroots Party Organizations In Poor Areas

Posted on:2019-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566475628Subject:Marxist theory
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The party's grass-roots organizations are the party's battlefields in the social grass-roots organizations and the basis for the party's overall work and combat effectiveness.The rural grass-roots party organization is the bridge and the link to the party ties with the masses,as our party to serve the masses of the people's basic line power is constant close party-mass relation and promote the great project of party construction important basis.Rural party construction quality relates to the party in the countryside ruling foundation is stable,relates to whether the rural economic rapid development,rural cultural prosperity and progress,whether in relation to the modernization of national governance ability goal.At present,in poverty-stricken areas,grass-roots party organizations in rural areas are the battle bastion for poverty alleviation.They play an important role in the work of targeted poverty alleviation,leading by organization,concentration and demonstration.Accurate poverty alleviation is one of the three major decisive battles to be fought to win the victory of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.The factors that cause poverty are diversification,resource shortage,bad environment and lack of individual ability and opportunity.Poverty is not only material poverty,have been developed to spirit,ability,ecological,disasters,the sick,cultural poverty,from a single phenomenon of economic development for a involves the economic,social,political,cultural,ecological,and many other complex social problems in the field of.We need to identify who we support,who we support,and how we do it.The fight against poverty is a systemic project that requires strong organization to lead.Therefore,theimportant characteristics of poverty management in China are the leadership and leading of the party and the government,and the participation of multiple forces.The quality and level of party organization building at the grassroots level is directly related to the party's efforts to fight against poverty and reverse the trend of the people's mind.From now until 2020,our party will have a crucial period to win the tough war and the comprehensive and well-off."To fight against poverty,the key is to fight against poverty in deep poverty-stricken areas." However,poverty is still crucial work still exist in the rural grass-roots party organization's capacity to enforce the policy is insufficient,some party members and cadres exemplary role and service consciousness weak,lack of reserve young party members and cadres,collective economy is weak influence the exertion of function of grassroots party organizations,party organizations at the grass-roots level,inner-party democracy is not sufficient,the problem such as village cadres' remuneration needs to be improved.Therefore,we must to iron their hard manhood,highlight the party lead the poverty alleviation and in strengthening the construction of grass-roots party organizations,selection with strong leadership,party members should play the role of mentoring,coagulation and gather intelligence battle provide a powerful guarantee for completely win out of poverty.The focus of this paper is how to effectively play the role of village-level party organizations in poverty alleviation.Faced with the problem of how to help villagers win the tough battle against poverty,sustainable and stable the development of poverty-stricken areas,and no longer return to poverty.Will further efforts to explore the village-level party organizations how to break through the bottleneck of Chinese in the process of poverty alleviation,help the masses of poor peasants to find the best way to really out of poverty and methods,to continue to study after the party lead to provide more theoretical basis for poverty alleviation.This paper follows the integrity of the research methods,to ask questions,analyze and solve problems the overall train of thought for the contemporary study of village-level party organizations at the grass-roots level to lead poverty alleviation,mainly divided into the following five parts.Introduction part mainly introduces the reason for the selected topic and the selected topic related research results at home and abroad were reviewed,and used the study methods of this article and innovation,finally,expatiates the theory value and practice value to answer.The first part,clarify the party organization construction,the rural partyorganization construction,the concepts of the function of the rural party organizations,the rural party organization construction in China's historical experience and theoretical origin of generalization and summarization of the brief,simple sums up the era mission of rural grassroots party organizations.The second part,the basic experience of rural grass-root party construction of case analysis,find out Tian Lin Ba Gui village poverty status,basic situation Ba Gui village party organizations at the grass-roots level,understanding Ba Gui village the practice of the grass-roots party organization construction,attempts to summarize results Ba Gui village party organization construction,from which Outlines Ba Gui village party organization of the main problems in the construction.The third part mainly analyzes the problems existing in the construction of rural grass-roots party organizations in poverty-stricken areas and their causes.The fourth part,mainly strengthens the impoverished area rural grass-roots party organization construction thought.From improve the level of rural grassroots party organization leadership,strengthen material foundation for the construction of village-level party organizations,efforts to expand the rural grassroots party organizations in poverty-stricken areas education carrier,attaches great importance to the cultivation of a new generation of young members consolidate the leadership of the party and so on infrastructure.
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