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Government Size,Institutions And Export

Posted on:2019-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566993733Subject:International Trade
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Based on relevant data from 26 emerging economies from 2004 to 2016,this paper examines the impact of government size and institutions on exports and makes recommendations based on empirical findings.The results show the following conclusions: firstly,the relationship between the government size and the country's export is inverted U-shaped.When the government size is smaller than a certain value,the expansion of the government size has a positive impact on the country's exports;but the size of the government has a negative impact on the country's exports when it exceeds a certain value.Secondly,the business environment has a positive impact on exports.The subdivision index of the business environment has different effects on exports.Among the indicators of business environment,there are four items including starting a business,dealing with construction permits,getting credit and paying taxes,which have a positive impact on exports.Thirdly,the impact of the business environment on exports has a buckets effect.Fourthly,the group regression results show that for the BRICS and E11 countries,the higher the level of the business environment and the larger the government,the better the exports to the country.Fifthly,as the business environment is being improved,if the government size is reduced,the export performance will be improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Size, Business Environment, Export Performance, Emerging Economies, Institution
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