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A Study On The Laws Of Bullying At School

Posted on:2018-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Recently,with the rapid development of social economy and the mutual influence of different cultures,various bad thoughts and bad habits are constantly invading campus,having caused numerous cases of school bullying to arise with the characteristics of different forms,high concealment and vicious circles.School bullying physically and psychologically causes severe adverse effect on students at school,disturbing their normal study life,which does great harms to the healthy growth of teenagers.What's more,some bullies are suspected crime-involved,so some measures must be taken to prevent them.This thesis makes a detailed analysis on the definition,the characteristics,the formation and the legal effects of school bullying by applying some basic theories including science of civil law,nomology and criminal law to analyze the underlying causes and summarize the current situation and characteristics of school bullying,through which the problem is found that punishing the act of school bullying lacks proper legal laws.By introducing the domestic and overseas experience of preventing school bullying,combining the situations in China and based on some scholar's opinions,the following thesis puts forward that not only the actions of students should be regularized,but the rights,obligations and responsibilities of government,school,community,parents and students should be stipulated.The assessment of school bullying,prevention and treasures to deal with it,education and correction of it should all be taken into consideration.Especially specify the responsibilities schools and government need to take,reducing the disputes of personal rights,property rights and educational rights due to school bullying,making it orderly to implement the process of preventing and punishing the bullies according to laws,minimizing the occurrence of this phenomenon and curbing the spread of it.
Keywords/Search Tags:School bullying, Legislative regulation, Prevention and punishment, Legal liability
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