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Research On Children's Inferiority In The Perspective Of Superiority

Posted on:2019-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330569996354Subject:Social work
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Childhood is an important phase of physical and mental growth,social integration and socialization.Childhood,a good environment for growth is a key factor in its development.Relevant research shows that children grow up in a special environment that is insecure,insecure and special.They are prone to problems of inferiority in the aspects of physical and mental health,education and social integration.Especially for children living in welfare homes,the abandonment of parents or guardian's incapacity to support children,etc.,they can only be sent to welfare homes.Children entering welfare homes are more psychologically sensitive than their average children.Although the basic facilities of welfare homes are getting better and better every day,children living in welfare homes can be assured of adequate food and clothing.However,the welfare institutes place little emphasis on the children's emotions,social cognition and interpersonal relationships,which leads to the over-large proportion of unsafe attachment of children living in the welfare institutes and the irreversible growth of children Serious injury.Even if these children are satisfied with their safety and physical needs,they do not form stable emotional relationships,lack the feeling of affiliation and love,and are more prone to a crisis of confidence.For example,these children and others may show anxiety and fear in their communication.Children living in welfare homes usually have relatively low social skills and poor adaptability.Many of them also have many pathological behaviors such as withdrawn and depression.Especially for children with orphans and poor mental health problems,in which the inferiority complex is a very common phenomenon.The most prominent problem in their body is the problem of inferiority.They are low on their own evaluation,negative passive life,lack of courage to challenge in the face of difficulties.In order to help and improve the inferiority complex problem of children in welfare institutes,from the perspective of the superiority of the theory,taking CJ Child Welfare Institute of Wuhan City as the research object,through the involvement of casework,using the FIS psychological self-esteem scale on the three children's inferiority complex It is learned that children with low self-esteem are more sensitive to the outside world and inferiority brings them a serious impact on behavior cultivation,habit formation and personality development.The case study of the children's inferiority complex in welfare institutes is of certain reference value to the welfare institutes to carry out children's psychological counseling education better.At the same time,this also plays a role of learning,reference and improvement for the future construction of orphan welfare institutions,the provision of counseling services to orphans by paramedics and the social workers' service of social work sites.
Keywords/Search Tags:Superiority perspective, CJ child welfare home, Inferiority complex, Case work
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