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Research On Livelihood Capital And Livelihood Strategy Of The Settled Herdsmen In Fuhai County

Posted on:2018-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572473903Subject:Public Management
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In 1986,the work conference of the northern Xinjiang pastoral area proposed to reform the production and life style of the traditional pastoral areas.Since then,the spirit of the nomadic settlement has been continuously promoted.The spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee has pointed out that the protection and improvement of people,s livelihood should be the starting point and the foothold of Xinjiang's work.The vast majority of them are ethnic minorities.The improvement of herdsmen's livelihood is of great importance for Xinjiang's social stability and long-tenm stability.Based on the realistic situation of relocation and resettlement herds in the typical areas of northem Xinjiang,relying on the Sustainable Livelihood Framework,this paper investigates the livelihood status of the resettled herdsmen by field survey and the questionnaire;then uses the quantitative analysis method to calculate the livelihood capital index of herdsmen.At the same time,tlis paper classifies the livelihood strategies according to the household income sources and uses the Logistics regression model to determine the relationship between the herdsmen' livelihood capital and livelihood strategy.On this basis,the factors influencing the choice of the livelihood strategy are analyzed.Finally,the paper puts forward some suggestions to improve the livelihood of the herdslen and the influencing factors.The results show that:(1)The social capitals index is the highest among the livelihood capital of Fuhai County,the lowest is the natural capital index,and the financial capital,human capital and material capital index are in the medium.The livelihood strategy is divided into pure animal husbandly type,facultative type and non-animal husbandry type.(2)The livelihood capital of the herdsmen has an absolute influence on the livelihood strategy.The higher the stock of the capital is,the more favorable the conditions for the diversified livelihood activities.The financial capital is the most obvious.(3)In the process of selection of livelihood strategies,financial capital and material capital have a role in promoting diversified livelihood activities.(4)In the follow-up development,they should improve the supply of production and accelerate the construction of infrastructure to maintain the local development advantages of animal husbandry,at the same time,adopt agricultural financial support,industrial integration and other means to promote the living standard of herdsmen living in Fuhai County.
Keywords/Search Tags:Livelihood capital, Livelihood strategy, Settled herders, Logistics regression model, Fuhai county
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