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A Study On The Changes Of Rural Immigrants' Households Before And After The Immigrants In Gansu Tibetan Areas

Posted on:2018-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330533457245Subject:Sociology Sociology
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In recent years,the state of environmental protection more and more attention,the second Five-Year Plan,the state in accordance with the ecological vulnerability and ecological importance of the two indicators,delineated 25 national key ecological functional areas,Qilian Mountains glaciers and water conservation ecology Among the functional areas,the Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County,which is within the scope of the functional area,actively responded to the national policy,and the relocation project was carried out by more than 30,000 farmers and herdsmen who lived in the "one high five district".Based on the theory of sustainable livelihood analysis,this paper analyzes the livelihoods and livelihood strategies of migrants before and after migration,and discusses the impact of livelihood capital on livelihood strategies.In this paper,we use the PPS sampling method to extract the 210 households of Nanyang Mountain Immigrant Station in Tianzhu County,and carry out structured questionnaire survey,and analyze the valid data collected.The results are as follows:First of all,before the migration of migrants and migrants after the livelihood of the comparative analysis of capital.The results show that,in addition to human capital holdings before and after immigration did not change,the immigrants after the farmers held by natural capital,material capital,which capital and financial capital are significantly better than before the immigration.Indicating that the implementation of ecological immigration policy initial results.Secondly,it analyzes the farmer 's immigration and immigration strategy.The study found that migrant farmers in the work of the strategy engaged in agricultural production accounted for the largest proportion,and immigrants after a large number of people choose to go out to work all year round.The emergence of such differenceshas both government policy intervention and impact,but also with the farmers themselves held by the livelihood of the capital.Again,analyze the impact of livelihood capital on livelihood strategies.After comparing and analyzing the livelihood capital and livelihood strategies,it is found that the natural capital and social capital held by the farmers will obviously affect the farmers 'choice of livelihood strategies.The choice of farmers' livelihood strategies will also be discussed.Affected by government policy.Finally,based on the results of data analysis,some policy recommendations are put forward.To achieve significant benefits for ecological migration,it is necessary to rely on both the government and the farmers.On the other hand,the farmers themselves should actively take the initiative to adapt to the new environment,the new situation,the comprehensive development of industry,and strive to obtain more and more,the government should take full advantage of the initiative,More of the livelihood of the book,to enhance their ability to hell outside the risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:ecological migration, livelihood, livelihood capital, livelihood strategy
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