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Study On Sustainable Livelihood Of Ecological Immigrants Of Guangxi Dahua County

Posted on:2018-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330518964498Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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For those poor people who live in poor living environment of the residential area and do not have the conditions of poverty alleviation,our country has adopted the ecological resettlement project to solve the bottleneck problem in the process of their survival and development.Guangxi Dahua County belongs to Yunnan Guangxi Guizhou rocky concentrated destitute areas,where exists severe rocky desertification and poverty problems,the problems of population,resources,environment and poverty intertwine with each other is a true portrayal of the region.Only through the implementation of the ecological migration project,transferring the poor people to the areas with better resource conditions and environmental carrying capacity,will the problem of development of poor people be better solved.By the investigation of the resettlement location of the ecological ethnic new town in Dahua County of Guangxi Province,the author obtains the first-hand data in the form of questionnaire,which lays the foundation for the study of the sustainable livelihood of ecological immigrants in Dahua county.Based on the framework of sustainable livelihood analysis,this paper studies the sustainable livelihood of ecological immigrants in Dahua County,Guangxi.(1)First of all,this paper compares livelihood capital of ecological immigrants in a quantitative manner before and after the relocation,and finds out:after the relocation,the ecological immigrant families showed pluralistic lack of other types of livelihood capital except the improved material capital level;analyses status of livelihood capacity and problems in enhancing it,and finds out:after the relocation,limited number of receiving skills training of immigrants leads to livelihood capacity improving not obvious;analyses the status and problems of employment security measures,the results show that the function of government's security measures to promote ecological immigrants employment has not been effectively exerted.(2)Secondly,on the basis of respectively demonstrating relations of livelihood capital,livelihood capacity,employment security measures and realization of sustainable livelihoods,the paper evaluates the sustainable livelihood of ecological immigrants in Dahua County of Guangxi,and then summarizes the problems existing in Dahua county immigrants realizing sustainable livelihood:the construction of supporting facilities is not complete,that affects living standard of immigrants;utilization of cultivated land resources is not sufficient,cultivated land resources cannot generate revenue for the ecological immigrant families;the relocation process spent a lot of money,which is not conducive to subsequent development of ecological immigrants;progress of non-agricultural skills is slow,enhancing of livelihood capacity of immigrants is not obvious;the role of employment security measures has not yet been effectively implemented;there are few employment security measures for the ecological immigrant group.(3)Finally,pointing at the existing problems,this paper puts forward some suggestions to promote realizing of sustainable livelihood of ecological immigrants in Dahua County of Guangxi.
Keywords/Search Tags:ecological immigrant, livelihood capital, livelihood capacity, employment security measure, sustainable livelihood
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