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Research On The Beautiful Village Construction In Juancheng County

Posted on:2020-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China incorporated the construction of ecological civilization into the overall layout of the "five in one" and the "four comprehensive" strategic layout,and regarded "beautiful China" as the grand goal of building an ecological civilization.The 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the goal of "building into a prosperous,strong,democratic,civilized,harmonious and beautiful socialist modernization power in the middle of this century"."beauty" is the key word of the socialist modernization power,with a profound and far-reaching history significance.The beautiful countryside is an essential part of realizing beautiful China.The beautiful countryside determines the quality of our well-off society.As we all know,the focus of beautiful China's construction is in the countryside,and the difficulty lies in the countryside.Therefore,the rural construction in the new era should follow the development concept of the new era and contribute to the realization of beautiful China.This paper takes the beautiful rural construction in Juancheng County as the research object,and through the literature review,practice investigation,comparative research and other methods,combined with my many work experiences in the township,the five parts are elaborated.In the first part,the main part discusses the background of the topic,the significance of the topic,and the related research on the construction of beautiful villages at home and abroad,and discusses the general development law of rural construction.The second part is the related concepts of the beautiful rural construction and the main theoretical explanations,which provide a solid theoretical foundation for the construction of beautiful rural areas in China.The third part briefly summarizes the beautiful rural construction process in Juancheng,and focuses on the analysis of three typical beautiful villages.The fourth part is a detailed analysis of the problems existing in the construction of beautiful villages in Juancheng.The fifth part is to provide rationalization suggestions by discovering problems in rural construction.In the end,only the five-in-one of rural industrial revitalization,organizational revitalization,cultural revitalization,talent revitalization,and ecological revitalization can realize a truly beautiful country.
Keywords/Search Tags:beautiful villages, Rural revitalization, rural construction, development model
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