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Research On The Construction Path Of Beautuful Villages In Wanrong County Under The Rural Revitalization Stralization

Posted on:2021-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626962928Subject:Marxism in China
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Since the reform and opening up,the economy has continued to develop and the level of urbanization has been continuously improved."Rich peasants,strong agriculture,and rural beaut" has become the latest goal of China's rural construction.The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategy of "Village Revitalization" for the first time.As an important part of the "village revitalization" strategy,the construction of beautiful villages not only focuses on the construction of rural villages and village appearances,improves the rural ecological environment,but also pays more attention to innovating the new path of rural economic development.Under the environment of vigorously implementing the construction of beautiful villages throughout the country,Wanrong County has also actively responded to the national policy and launched the construction of beautiful villages.Wanrong County is a poverty-stricken area in central Shanxi Province and a traditional agricultural county.Therefore,Wanrong County has far-reaching significance to build a beautiful village.This article uses literature induction,survey and personal interview methods to conduct field visits and surveys on the representative beautiful village demonstration villages in Wanrong County,collect data and analyze the survey data,so as to present the current status of the beautiful village construction in Wanrong County.Based on the analysis of the current situation,it is found that Wanrong County has a lack of government construction planning capabilities,a lack of leading village-level industries,a low-quality leader in the construction of beautiful villages,inadequate management of the human settlement environment,rural infrastructure and Problems such as inadequate manangement.Combined with the specific problems existing in Wanrong County,the reasons for the government's inadequate leadership role,insufficient financial support,the hollowing of rural areas,and the lack of construction and management mechanisms were analyzed.Finally,combined with the strategy of rural revitalization,from scientific and rational planning,optimize the top-level design of beautiful rural construction,vigorously develop modern agriculture,form competitive brand products,actively attract all kinds of professional talents,and increase the cultivation of new professional farmers and multi-channels Renovate the environment of each village,build ecologically livable homes,consolidate village infrastructure,improve the long-term management mechanism, propose more effective solutions to provide a reference and reference for the subsequent beautiful village construction in Wanrong County.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wanrong County, rural revitalization strategy, beautiful countryside
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