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Under The Background Of The Rural Revitalization Strategy, The Grassroots Government Promotes The Research On The Construction Of Beautiful Villages

Posted on:2021-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual implementation of the rural revitalization strategy,the construction of beautiful countryside has entered a new stage.On the one hand,the connotation of the construction of beautiful countryside is more abundant and more important.The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy has further enhanced the strategic position of the work of “agriculture,rural areas and farmers”and promoted the promotion of the beautiful rural construction shift.On the other hand,he extension of the construction of beautiful villages has been further expanded,the villages are fully rejuvenated,“beautiful villages” expanded to “beautiful life”.The construction of beautiful countryside has become an important dimension of the construction of beautiful China.In October 2019,the Fourth Plenary Session of the19 th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC)held in October2019,“promoting the modernization of governance capacity and governance system”was proposed,laying a solid institutional guarantee for the sustained advancement of the building of beautiful villages.Since the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy,on the basis of the original construction level of the beautiful rural areas,the Y district of Jining has continuously innovated and improved the ideas of grassroots governance by adapting to local conditions,highlighting key points and grasping key points,focusing on the revitalization of industry,Ecology,culture,talent,organization,Public Service and poverty alleviation,we will build a beautiful Jining model village under the rural revitalization strategy.Based on the theory of New Public Service,sustainable development and ecological civilization construction,this paper focuses on the rural revitalization strategy after the implementation of the Y district grass-roots government to promote the beautiful rural construction;Listing the measures taken by the local government to increase farmers' income and improve the living environment through planning and leading,classifying and promoting,standardizing management and strengthening supervision and assessment,a number of beautiful villages of industrial development,agricultural efficiency and ecological protection have been cultivated,the level of construction has been continuously raised.Through Empirical Research,at present,there are still some problems in the Y district of Jining,such as the unsatisfactory effect of planning and implementation,the low efficiency of administration,the lack of multi-participation mechanism,the lack of long-termmechanism of rural governance,and the decrease of people's satisfaction with government work.This paper analyzes the deep-seated reasons for the local government to lay stress on management and neglect service,and the weak consciousness of sustainable development.To make suggestions for the local government,it is necessary to strengthen the service function,construct the co-construction mode of government and colleges,stick to the principal position of farmers,optimize the management at the grass-roots level,and continue to push forward the construction of beautiful villages.To build a beautiful village in the context of the rural revitalization strategy,we must adhere to the position of farmers as the main body,the position of the government,the position of the masses,and the position of social forces,so as to promote the overall revitalization of the countryside,rural Strength,rural beauty and farmers' wealth should be realized at an early date.
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