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Research On The Construction Of Beautiful Rural In City A From The Perspective Of Rural Vitalization Strategy

Posted on:2021-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602983586Subject:Public administration
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In 2012,after the proposal of the construction of Beautiful China,as an important part and foundation of it,the construction of beautiful countryside has become an important direction of rural construction and development,and has received extensive attention and practice.In 2017,after the rural revitalization was proposed as a national strategy,it brought opportunities for rural construction.The construction of beautiful villages in various places accelerated,making villagers richer,better in environment,and more beautiful in the countryside.The construction of beautiful villages was comprehensively promoted as an important measure.City A has been committed to the construction of beautiful rural for many years,and has made certain achievements.The implementation of the strategy of rural vitalization enriches the connotation of the beautiful rural construction and brings new opportunities and challenges for the beautiful rural construction of city A.At the same time,as a traditional coal resource-based city,city A is facing the dual pressure of economic downturn and exhaustion of coal resources in recent years,and it is in urgent need of economic transformation.Therefore,research in the beautiful rural construction of city A and analyzed it under the new horizons of the strategy of rural revitalization,then puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions,to promote the economic transformation in city A development,and it has practical significance in the further development of the beautiful rural construction of city A in the new period,at the same time it can provide reference for other similar areas to build the beautiful rural construction under the strategy of rural revitalization.By studing the relevant research literature of both domestic and foreign,defining basic concepts and theoretical basis for the research,laid the foundation of the research,and then investigat the situation of the beautiful rural construction in city A,interview relevant personnel,collect and analyse the relevant documents and data of the beautiful rural construction in city A,then analyzes and summarizes the main methods to construction of the beautiful rural in city A,results and the existing problems and the reasons.The research found that while city A city has achieved certain achievements in beautiful rural construction,it also has some problems,including the lack of features in rural construnction,the homogeneity in development of industriest,serious problems in rural environmental,lack of funds in construction and low participation of farmers.The reasons of the problems above are various,including the lack of overall and pertinence of planning,the deviation understanding and grasp of policy,the unsound of long-term mechanism,few sources of funds,and the lack of guidance from government.By reference to domestic beautiful rural construction experience and the experience of foreign rural construction,aiming at these problems and the reasons,put forward countermeasures and suggestions of the beautiful rural construction in city A uder the rejuvenating rural horizon:make scientific plans based on local conditions,improve the environment ofrural,establish and improve the working mechanism,raise funds for construction from multiple source and guide farmers to play the main role.
Keywords/Search Tags:beautiful rural, rural revitalization, urbanization, grassroots governance
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