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Research On The Willingness And Influencing Factors Of Empty Nest Elderly In Rural Areas Of YanLing

Posted on:2020-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575493185Subject:Social security
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With the acceleration of urbanization and the centralization of family structure,the proportion of empty nesters is increasing.As a social vulnerable group,the problems faced by empty nesters have increasingly become the focus of attention of all sectors of society.According to space division,empty nesters can be divided into urban empty nesters and rural empty nesters.Compared with urban empty nesters,the problems faced by rural empty nesters are more prominent,such as low economic income,poor medical and health conditions,and weak social security ability.The existence of various problems makes rural empty nesters "weak in the weak".With the acceleration of rural population flow,the size of empty nesters in rural areas has already exceeded that in urban areas.In 2018,nine departments,including the Ministry of Civil Affairs,the Ministry of Public Security and the National Office for the Aged,jointly launched the care service for empty nesters in rural areas,and made systematic arrangements for the safety protection,spiritual consolation and nursing of disabled elderly in rural areas.In the two sessions of 2019,more and more delegates proposed a bill to care for empty-nest old people and to advance the construction of the multi-level pension system.It can be seen that the problem of the old-age for the elderly in the rural empty-nest has become the focus of the attention of the national level.In order to solve the problem of the old-age for the elderly in the rural empty-nest,to make it possible to realize the old-age,it should be the empty nest in the countryside.The old man's own reality starts to understand his old-age will and the influence factor behind it,and then puts forward the corresponding countermeasure pertinently.Under this background,this paper makes a sample survey of the elderly people who meet the conditions of rural empty nests in Yanling County.The survey methods mainly include questionnaires and interviews,and through the investigation,the author makes a sample survey on the elderly people's willingness to provide for the aged and their influencing factors.And input the data into SPSS to carry on the analysis: Yanling county countryside empty nest old people's pension intention is mainly family old-age care,willing to enter the institution endowment proportion is low,and faces the economic income level is low,the care resources lack,Spiritual life emptiness and other old-age dilemmas.Among the influencing factors,individual characteristics,economic factors,family structure and other variables have a significant impact on their willingness to provide for the elderly,reflecting their health and health status.Some variables of social support have a significant impact on their willingness to provide for the aged.According to the results of the analysis,the following conclusions are drawn:(1)the unmarried rural empty nest elderly are more willing to choose institutions for the elderly;(2)the economic income is less limited to the rural empty nest elderly pension willingness to choose the space;(3)the influence of ADL on the care will of the rural empty nest elderly institutions is significant,and the mental health status deserves attention;(4)Family care is still the most important care resource for the rural empty nest elderly;(5)the rural empty nests who have strong social network prefer family support.Based on the results of empirical analysis on the distribution and influencing factors of the rural empty nests' willingness to provide for the aged in Yanling County,this paper puts forward the following suggestions to meet the old age's willingness to provide for the aged: 1.Improve the rural empty nest elderly income level,expand their willingness to provide for the elderly choice space.2.To construct a multi-family care model based on the home-based old-age care.The rural empty nest elderly face the biggest old-age care problem is the lack of care,so we should construct a diversified care model,so that empty nest elderly people have a basis.3.Create multi-dimensional empty nest care,so that its pension is not lonely.The mental health status of the empty nest elderly is not optimistic.All sectors of the society,including the empty nest elderly themselves,are not optimistic.Active efforts should be made to create a comfortable and happy living environment for them.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural empty nest elderly, Pension intention, Influencing factor
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