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A Study On The Construction And Influence Of India's Great Power Status After The Cold War

Posted on:2020-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575496625Subject:International politics
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After the cold war,the structural changes of the world pattern and the changes of India's national conditions have had an important impact on the construction of India's identity as a great power.India took political independence,pragmatic diplomatic means and great-power balanced diplomacy as the political basis for constructing its great-power identity,changed the foreign strategy centering on diplomacy and politics in the cold war period,and adopted economic diplomacy as the center,aggressive strategy and maritime strategy as the main content of great-power strategy.In the field of diplomacy,India has carried out all-round major-country diplomacy and regional multilateral diplomacy to expand its strategic scope,which has improved its popularity and played an important role in national and regional affairs.In the military field,India pursues the status of "nuclear power" and puts its nuclear force into actual combat.It conducts military exchanges and technical cooperation with other countries and imports a large number of advanced weapons for weapon modernization.Becoming a permanent member of the UN security council is a great power complex of India all the time.India supports the UN reform and takes an active part in international affairs in order to get the great power status of India recognized by the UN.Indian superpower is building has affected the domestic political,economic,and social level,and promote the world multipolarity is eventually international system,to provide security for the area in and maintain regional order,promote overall India and other countries in the healthy development of bilateral relations,among them,the competition and cooperation coexist in the sino-indian relations.The rise of India is an important neighboring country that cannot be ignored in the process of China's national rejuvenation.The "cognitive dislocation" of the geopolitical strategies of the two countries has brought strategic conflicts between China and India.In the process of dealing with the rise of India,China should establish a correct understanding of the geopolitics of both sides,conduct all-round cooperation with India and improve the communication and mutual trust mechanism between China and India so as to establish a stable surrounding environment and regional environment,realize good-neighborly friendship and common development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Building Great Power Status, Multilateral Diplomatic, Strategic Autonomy, Balanced Diplomacy of Great Powers
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