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Research On The Legal Path Of Our Reforms To Streamline Administration,Delegate Powers And Improve Regulation And Services

Posted on:2021-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a major measure to transform the functions of government,the expected effect of the reform is to optimize the business environment and promote economic development by improving the governance capacity of the government.The key point is to deal with the relationship between the government and the market,and the value standard is people-centered.The essence of the reform is to deal with the relationship between the reform and the rule of law,to carry out the rule of law in the top-level design and concrete implementation of the reform,to lead the reform,authorize the reform,advance the reform,enforce the law and supervise and optimize the business environment.The reform of “ streamlining administration,delegating powers and improving regulation and services ”is not only the government's initiative to deal with the general trend of social development,but also the inevitable choice of “seeking its government in its position”,and it originates from the theory of government under the rule of law,the theory of responsible government and the theory of good governance.The construction of government under the rule of law,responsible government and good governance is the inevitable choice for the government to change its functions in order to better serve the economic and social development under the new era background,and is the internal reason for carrying out such a “blade inward” self-revolution.Government under the rule of law and good governance of government,responsible government construction is the inevitable choice for the government to transform its functions to better serve the economic and social development in the new era.Drawing lessons from the previous reform,the reform of “streamlining administration,delegating powers and improving regulation and services”should be carried out in accordance with the law and advanced simultaneously with the enforcement of the rule of law.The contradictions and problems that appear in the process of reform should also be discovered and solved by legal means.We should push forward the reform in the legal path and constantly improve it in the process.Based on the sample of Z city in Henan province,this paper uses normative analysis method and case study method to study the problems and shortcomings in the implementation process by investigating the actual implementation status of the reform and takes this as the starting point to explore how to solve the problems,deepen the reform,choose the path,and provide suggestions for the promotion.Z city of Henan Province has adopted measures such as classifying administrative examination and approval items,implementing negative list system of market access,deepening commercial system reform,establishing online government service platform,and comprehensively cleaning up the local “old law”which is not suitable for decentralization.In terms of optimizing services,more remarkable achievements have been achieved through measures such as optimizing the administrative examination and approval,providing convenient government services for the people and improving people's livelihood at the grass-roots level.But there are still some shortcomings in practice: in the aspect of streamlining administration,some of the government's right to release has not been released,and some of the decentralization measures that have been landed.In the aspect of "management",market supervision cannot keep up,and the order of market economy is still very irregular.In terms of improving services,the shortage of public goods and the weakness of public services are still prominent problems.In order to further improve the reform,we should do a better job in legislating,changing,abolishing and interpreting laws.Also,we should enhance the effectiveness of institutional guarantees: confirming,and delegating power in accordance with the law,enhancing the initiative of the system supply,and conscientiously preparing the regulatory documents.Normalize the clean-up work,and explore ways to respond to the needs of reform by using authorized pilots and legislative interpretations.Attention should be paid to the comprehensive multiple use of the rule of law to further streamling the law enforcement system and mechanisms and promptly respond to the people's demands.We should focus on functional integration and consolidating the rule of law foundation by strengthening research on major issues,providing advices on the rule of law for the government decision-making,focusing on coordination and communication and ensure consistent reform decisions.In the process of decentralization,great importance should be attached to strengthening communication with decentralized agencies.We should also pay attention to form a good environment for the rule of law and improve the evaluation system for the constructions of the ruled-by-law government.We should ensure that leading officials are guided by law in both thinking and action in their efforts to deepen reform,promote development,solve problems,and maintain stability and further strengthen the construction of public legal service platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:reforms to streamline administration,delegate powers and improve regulation and services, the government ruled by law, the responsible government, the good-governance government
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