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The Evaluation Study For The Quality Of Logistics Socialization Service Of Zhuji Municipal Government Based On AHP Model

Posted on:2019-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578966412Subject:Business administration
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The logistics service of the agency is the basic guarantee for government management,and also is an important driving force for maintaining the normal operation of various departments.With the transformation of government functions,the traditional self-sufficiency model of the past has not adapted to the requirements of the era.In order to improve the service efficiency and service level,the logistics of government agencies have made some transactional public services socialized and marketed,and adopted public bidding and self-purchasing to allow the third-party service companies to provide corresponding services.In the process of socialization,due to some complicated factors,the quality of logistics social service of government agencies is not satisfactory.Based on this,this paper analyzes the current status of domestic and foreign logistics socialization services.By referring to the relevant theories of government agencies' logistics socialization services,the paper also studies the relevant contents of government agencies' logistics socialization services,including the contents and classification of institutional logistics socialization services,influencing factors,the standards,etc.The product attributes of government agencies' logistics,including social,paid,and intangible are analyzed.On the basis of theoretical analysis,an evaluation index system for the organization's logistics socialization services is established and a comprehensive assessment of the quality of government agencies' logistics social services is carried out.Firstly,according to the PZB model and the expert decision-making method,the evaluation project index content is determined,and then the weight of the logistics socialization service evaluation index is determined based on the AHP model.Finally,the agency's logistics socialization service quality standards are formulated,and the service quality evaluation methods and assessment objectives are proposed.Taking the socialized service quality of Zhuji municipal government agencies as an example,this paper explores the influencing factors affecting the quality of logistics socialization services of Zhuji municipal government agencies.On the results of empirical analysis,the paper proposes effective countermeasures and suggestions for improving and optimizing the logistics socialization services of Zhuji municipal government agencies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government agency logistics, Socialized service, Service quality, Assessment
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