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Research On Artificial Intelligence Legal Personality Problem

Posted on:2020-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330590986500Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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In the craze of artificial intelligence,we should remain calm and rational.Artificial intelligence includes weak artificial intelligence,strong artificial intelligence,and super artificial intelligence.The problem of super artificial intelligence is beyond the scope of this article.The legal personality system originated from Roman law,and the legal personality includes the natural person legal personality and the group legal personality.The legal personality of natural persons is based on ethical personality,and the legal personality of groups is based on the needs of social reality.The legal personality of natural persons is because natural persons have rational qualities,and the legal personality of groups such as legal persons is based on the needs of social reality.From the perspective of Kant's philosophy of "people-oriented",the most essential difference between people and things is whether they are rational,people have reason,have absolute value,and things only have relative value.Artificial intelligence is also a kind of object,with tool attributes,and should not be given legal personality.Should we draw on the experience of group legal personality and use legal techniques to break through ethical requirements to give artificial intelligence legal personality? This is not desirable because of the lack of necessity and feasibility of giving artificial intelligence to legal personality.As far as strong artificial intelligence is concerned,according to the current research progress and according tothe current research methods,strong artificial intelligence is more difficult to achieve,and the development of strong artificial intelligence presents significant periodicity.Therefore,the lack of necessity for legal personality is given.Strong artificial intelligence legal personality will have a greater impact on the existing system,leading to chaos in social order,therefore,the lack of feasibility to give legal personality.As far as weak artificial intelligence is concerned,the legal problems arising from the application and development of weak artificial intelligence can be effectively solved within the framework of the existing legal system.Therefore,it lacks the necessity of giving legal personality;it is difficult to independently and independently,and it is difficult to be independent.Participation in legal relationships,therefore,lacks the feasibility of giving legal personality.In short,artificial intelligence legal personality should not be given.On the basis of denying the artificial personality of artificial intelligence,it is necessary to continue to think about standardizing artificial intelligence.The realization of the orderly development of artificial intelligence norms can also effectively prove that artificial intelligence does not have the legitimacy of legal personality theory.We fully believe that artificial intelligence,as a legal object,will not only pose a threat to humanity,but will help humanity to build a better and more prosperous world.
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